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February 2021

11Announce R&W Mentees and MentorsOnline  
15 – 19Announce Class of 2021Online  
23Roots & Wings Briefing and LaunchConstantia  
26Class of Briefing and LaunchConstantia  

March 2021

4Inaugural DinnerTo be confirmed Book Now 
5Roots & Wings Pairing EventConstantia18h00 
10IIG Insights: Industry Outlook (2-hour CPD credits)Santam/Online10h30Book Now 
16Class of 2021 Group 1 (Module 1)ConstantiaFull Day 
18Class of 2021 Group 2 (Module 1)ConstantiaFull Day 
25-26ILDP  Block 1GIBSFull Day 

April 2021

12IIG Council MeetingOnline  
13IIG Insights 2 (1-hour CPD credits)Online11h00Book Now 
15Presidents Invitational Golf DayTo be confirmed Book Now 
20Class of 2021 Group 1 (Module 2)ConstantiaFull Day 
22Class of 2021 Group 2 (Module 2)ConstantiaFull Day 
22IIG Insights 3 (1-hour CPD credits)Online11h00Book Now 

May 2021

3-4ILDP Block 2GIBSFull Day 
6Roots & Wings: Mentor & Mentee
First Reviews
13IIG Insights 4 (1-hour CPD credits)Online11h00Book Now 
20Broker Leadership ForumTo be confirmed Book Now
27IIG Insights 5 (1-hour CPD credits)GIBS11h00Book Now 

June 2021

9IIG Insights 6 (1-hour CPD credits)To be confirmed11h00Book Now
10Youth Day EventTo be confirmed Book Now 
15Class of 2021 Group 1 (Module 3)ConstantiaFull DayBook Now 
17Class of 2021 Group 2 (Module 3)ConstantiaFull Day 
22 IIG Roots & Wings Mix & MingleConstantia  
24IIG Insights 7 (1-hour CPD credits)Online11h00Book Now 
29CEO RoundtableTo be confirmed  

July 2021

1IIG International 2021 – Delegate BriefingTo be confirmed  
5-7ILDP Block 3GIBSFull Day 
8IIG Insights 8 (1-hour CPD credits)Online11h00Book Now 
16Class of 2021 Charity Day (Mandela Day)To be confirmed  
22IIG Insights 9 (1-hour CPD credits)Online11h00Book Now 
23Wellness dayTo be confirmed  
29IIG EXPO DayTo be confirmed  

August 2021

4IIG Insights 10 (1-hour CPD credits)Online11h00 
5IIG Women’s Appreciation DayTo be Confirmed  
17Class of 2021 Group 1 (Module 4)ConstantiaFull Day
18Roots & Wings: Mentor & Mentee Second ReviewsTo be confirmed  
19IIG Exclusive Golf dayTo be confirmed Book Now 
19Class of 2021 Group 2 (Module 4)ConstantiaFull Day 
26Glasfit Ladies non-golfTo be confirmed Book Now

September 2021

9IIG Insights 12 (1-hour CPD credits)To be confirmed11h00Book Now 
9Sponsors Cocktail EveningTo be confirmed18h00 
16IIG Insights 13 (1-hour CPD credits)Online11h00Book Now 
20 – 22ILDP Block 4GIBSFull Day 
23Past President’s LuncheonTo be confirmed  
25IIG International DepartureTo be confirmed  

October 2021

5IIG International ReturnTo be confirmed  
14IIG Insights 14 (1-hour CPD credits)To be confirmed Book Now 
19Class of Presentation WorkshopTo be confirmed  
21Roots & Wings Presentation WorkshopConstantia  
26IIG Insights Sponsored by Swiss ReOnline11h00Book Now
28IIG Golf NightTo be confirmed  

November 2021

4Class of Final PresentationsTo be confirmed  
8IIG Insights 16 (1-hour CPD credits)Online11h00Book Now
11Roots & Wings – Final PresentationsTo be confirmed  
15- 17ILDP block 5GIBSFull Day 
18Graduation (Class of / R&W)Constantia  
22IIG Insights 17 (1-hour CPD credits)Online11h00Book Now
25IIG 79th Annual dinnerTo be confirmed Book Now
28ILDP Dry Runs/ILDP presentations/ILDP GraduationTo be confirmed  

December 2021

15IIG Office Closes