History and Vision


The Insurance Institute of Gauteng (IIG), established 27 August 1911 aims to engage and connect the short-term insurance industry in Gauteng through professional networking, education, inclusive transformation and proud affiliation.

Our vision as the IIG is to be a world-class, high-performing institution that gives its members and sponsors tangible value. The IIG is about collaboration and innovation, remaining refreshed, relevant and sustainable, and working towards growth and progress

Our Strategic Pillars



Promote educational, expertise and personal growth



Provide professional networking and real connectivity



Create tangible impact and transformation for our industry



Develop strong affiliation and pride in the institution and industry


The insurance industry is an industry built by people, for people. In the same manner the IIG is about people, and was established by people motivated by hopes and dreams, wisdom, tragedies and successes, and the lives that are represented by and touched through their actions and interactions. The existence, survival and growth of the Insurance Institute of Gauteng (IIG) bears testimony to this.

Not many institutions survive for very long periods of time. The IIG, however, has endured two world wars; the Great Depression; a variety of economic disasters; changes of governments, cultures and technology; a continuously transforming world; and numerous ongoing industry regulatory changes … and through it all has gone from strength to strength.
It has evolved into an institution where like-minded people imbued with and who honour the values of honesty and integrity gather together to learn, contribute, lament, challenge, grow and discover, or simply to socialise.
The one cohesive factor that has prevailed through all this for the IIG and its members for over 100 years is the indomitable passion of the people in the insurance industry and at the institute.

The then Insurance Institute of the Transvaal – now the Insurance Institute of Gauteng – was established on 27 August 1911 in downtown Johannesburg as a voluntary association administered by insurance professionals who served (and still do) without financial reward, and have always done so out of passion for the insurance industry and the IIG.
The continuing financial stability of the IIG has been made possible by the loyal corporate member subscription fees and the generosity of the IIG’s event sponsors.

Their ongoing support has enabled the IIG to raise millions of rands, paid over to worthy charities over the past decade. It has also enabled the IIG to stage the renowned spectacular Annual Dinner, which is attended by more than 1,700 industry members.

Upon reflection of the past and deliberation on the future, there is grateful appreciation within the industry and the IIG membership of the abundant opportunities that all in our vibrant industry and its professional associations have been privileged to enjoy.

Borne out by our illustrious track record and an avowed determination to continue to deliver excellent service to our members, it is sincerely believed that the spirit of Ubuntu and goodwill towards our fellow colleagues that prevails in our industry and among the membership of the IIG will grow in the years ahead and endure into the future.