The IIG International tour provides the industry professional with the ultimate educational and networking experience. In 2024, London and Oxford await all delegates!

It is a platform for current and future leaders of the local industry to make meaningful global connections, to learn and share ideas with global leaders that they can apply to strengthen their personal development and that of their teams, company and the industry at large back in South Africa.

The IIG International visited the following cities and countries over the years:

Most recently, Paris, France in 2023

Milan, Italy  and Madrid, Spain in 2022

San Francisco and Washington DC, USA in 2019

Zurich, Switzerland and Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2018

Singapore and Hong Kong in 2017

Dubai, UAE and New York, USA in 2016

Munich, Germany and London, UK in 2015

Through a series of company visits, technical and industry presentations, as well as one-on-one interactions with industry experts and unique intelligent networking opportunities, the IIG International provides a meaningful and unique first-hand exposure to international insurance and reinsurance markets for 35-40 insurance professionals.

The 2024 tour will also guarantee CPD hours to the delegate.

The programme is designed to provide the delegates with:

  • Exposure – to international insurance and reinsurance markets and the country
  • Interaction – with senior leaders from international companies within the international insurance industry
  • Experience – deeper technical knowledge of selected areas of insurance international
  • Networking – to expand their current network to the benefit of their business
  • Accreditation – continuous professional development (CPD) hours from the Insurance Institute of South Africa