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An open letter to the Future Leader

Dear Future Leader,

I know that the road has not been easy on you, you have been criticised, you have been ridiculed, you have been doubted, and you have been misunderstood, you failed and failed over and over again. You have been humiliated, you have been laughed at, and most of you have been humbled by the circumstances beyond your control.

You have been degraded and you have been mistreated. Yet you never gave up, you stood firm through the tough times, you pressed on and when you were under pressure or under attack you remained resilient, you remained hopeful and positive.

You continuously searched for good and sound counsel, you tirelessly continued to study even though you failed you pressed on and remained positive, you read many books  throughout your years and you continue to read until this day.

Yes, like everyone else you have experienced life in its purest form and have your story to tell. You burned the midnight oil 杖 to seek progress. Yes you acquired the knowledge, the understanding and the wisdom over the years and you continuously do so. You have come to the realisation that no one person will ever arrive.

I am in awe of you and your progress. You have discovered the secret; you have discovered that “to lead is to serve and to serve is to lead”. To lead is to be selfless, to lead is to esteem others higher than yourself.

You have discovered the truth; you have unravelled the mysteries of life itself. There were days you felt like giving up, throwing in the towel or just crawling up into a stinkball and die and hoping that the world would just swallow you up and you would disappear and be forgotten.

You were depressed and felt defeated, knocked out by life. But you beat the knockout count and you bounced back countless of times.  You thought this was the end, but at the last hour you recovered and realised that the day will always end at the midnight hour and a new day will begin with new beginnings.

You realised that you cannot reminisce on the good old days and you cannot change the past but you can start afresh when dawn breaks of which a new day is birthed with countless new opportunities and experiences.

Today, I challenge you to surrender to the call, to the conviction to lead yourself well to learn from others and apply yourself to make a positive difference, to add value, to serve with excellence and to dedicate the remaining days of your existence in preparation of becoming the future leader now.

You have the gift; you have the talent and you have the skill.

Go and cultivate your area of expertise and become the leader you are born to be in your area of choice.

Leave no stone unturned and tap into every gift that you possess and leave a lasting legacy for generations to come 﫴.

Dear Future leader go and #Ownyourunique

“Never mind wanting to be young again, and long for the good old days, never live in your yesterday or focus on the tomorrow, give it your all now and go out there and constantly escape your comfort zone and re-invent yourself.”

Your number #1 Follower!!

The Leader of the Present.



Article written by: Jonathan Crisp