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An Unforgettable Night at the IIG Night Golf Event!

The Insurance Institute of Gauteng (IIG) hosted an extraordinary Night Golf event, and it was nothing short of spectacular! This event was a perfect blend of fun, competition, and community spirit, thanks to the enthusiastic participation of players and the generous support of our sponsors.


The IIG President, Bukhosi Khumalo, raised the fact that a number of industries beyond insurance were represented on the day which speaks to the theme of #LinkingUp with other facets of the business world. That’s what the IIG stands for as we create platform of many people and industries to #Engage #Connect and #Grow! 


A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

First and foremost, a massive thank you to our main sponsor, Discovery, whose unwavering support made this event possible. We also extend our deep gratitude to our co-sponsor, IUM, for their significant contributions. Our contributing sponsors – National Salvage Brokers, Mirabilis, and CIB – played a crucial role in the event’s success.


We can’t forget our activation sponsors, who added a unique flair to the night:


Santam brought a vibrant Mexican Fiesta to the green, creating a festive atmosphere that was enjoyed by all.


Glasfit entertained us with their Cowboy-themed activation, complete with fun and engaging activities.


Investec delighted everyone with their Zebra-themed activation, which was both creative and visually stunning.

IUM not only set up a fantastic basketball game but also kept everyone energized with their coffee stand.


The IIG Class of 2024 organized a series of exciting games, while also fundraising for their yearly initiative of Midesk, showing their dedication to both fun and philanthropy.


Apex added a competitive edge to the event with branded golf balls and a thrilling longest drive competition.

Highlighting the Event

The event was more than just a game of golf; it was a celebration of community and collaboration. Players navigated the course under the stars, with each hole offering a new surprise or challenge thanks to our innovative sponsors. The camaraderie among participants was palpable, and the spirit of friendly competition made the night even more special.


The Glasfit Cowboy activation brought a taste of the Wild West to the greens, while Investec’s Zebras captivated everyone with their striking theme. Santam’s Mexican Fiesta added a burst of colour and excitement, making their station a favorite stop for many. IUM’s basketball game and coffee stand were a hit, providing both entertainment and a much-needed caffeine boost. The IIG Class of 2024’s games were not only fun but also supported a great cause, raising funds for Midesk.




Apex, with their branded golf balls and the longest drive competition, ensured that the spirit of the game was alive and well throughout the evening. The competition was fierce, but the joy of participation was the true highlight.

Celebrating Success and Looking Ahead, the IIG Night Golf event was a resounding success, bringing together the community in a night of fun, competition, and generosity. The event not only showcased the talent and sportsmanship of our players but also highlighted the incredible support from our sponsors.



Thank you once again to all our sponsors: Discovery, IUM, National Salvage Brokers, Mirabilis, CIB, Santam, Glasfit, Investec, and Apex. Your contributions made this event a night to remember.


As we look forward to future events, we are excited to continue building on this momentum and fostering a spirit of community and collaboration. Here’s to many more successful events ahead!


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