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Bukhosi Khumalo’s Inaugural Dinner Speech – 2024, The Year When We #LinkUp

On this day, the 14 March, the year of our Lord 2024, I , Bukhosi Khumalo, am honored and hereby accept the nomination to be President of the IIG in 2024! To the President as well as CEO of the IISA, the past presidents of the IIG, representatives of our fellow insurance institutes, our various guests and the industry at large, a very warm welcome to you all  I must confess that on this song that was playing when I was coming up, the only part I know is the one that says all I do is Win Win Win. I chose it and like it for this occasion because for the past 113 years, the IIG has been winning and winning and winning no matter what. And it is thanks to all of you in your personal, business, and industry capacity and roles for what you do to help the IIG be the success it is today.

Two interesting things happened last year that showcase that the IIG has had a wider reach and continues to grow. Firstly, when we were on the IIG International Trip last year in Paris, someone whispered into our ears that the IIG should be the Insurance Institute of the Globe. Whilst we laughed about at that time, our programmes, events and are geared towards exactly that and we have been fortunate enough to see everything through to its completion. We also got the opportunity to meet the immediate Past President of the Insurance Institute of London (IIL), Christopher Lay, who gave a number of similarities between the IIG and IIL, with great commendation to the work the IIG has been doing. And Chris also has a message to give out to all of you tonight – Video From Chris Lay – Immediate Past President of IIL 

It is important to mention all these and many other things that happen within the IIG, because all the praise that comes to the IIG, is praise that goes to the entire industry because of the support you give for us to carry out the mandate we have. The IIG office, council, exco and president is a group of dedicated people who out their heart, mind and soul into carrying the mandate of the industry and its stakeholders, and that passion which works as fuel is made possible by the support in many ways from the industry. In that breath, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the companies that made tonight possible through sponsorship. 



So, I believe that my journey to serve on, and to eventually lead the IIG started when I was very young, in the very early years of my life. Every time I tell people this, they think I started working before I was 10, but it was about the principles and values that led me into this journey. Like a number of people sitting today, I had the privilege of being brought up by my grandparents, whilst my mom worked very hard to give me the best life and a great chance at a better life and opportunities.

My grandmother always used to say that doing things for yourself is natural and easy, but doing things for others touches a different point, has longevity and sustainability, even though at times it can be challenging.  She used to remind us that you will impact people’s lives positively, and sometimes never get to know about it but it never takes away from the fact that you have done something amazing. Someone’s life could be change for the better by you doing a great gesture of service. And that is why we flew my grandmother more than 1,000km to attend this dinner tonight for her to witness the power of what she planted more than two decades ago. My mother (who looks more like my sister), and uncles are also here tonight and I have witnessed and seen this permeate how they lead their lives and it is because of the foundations we received that inspire us to continue on this journey.

The industry and participating in issues of service also gave me a friend, a spouse, and a life partner. It was at an event similar to this about 10 years ago, and I was on the podium on a hot summer afternoon when I spotted my potential girlfriend and later on wife in the audience of just over 60 people. I probably stuttered as I saw her, I don’t remember well, but I made it a point to talk to her afterwards, and all I can say the rest was history. I had gone there to deliver a speech on the results that we had achieved for the year, which I think had impacted about 200 direct lives in my year as president of the Risk Management and Actuarial Science Society. I went with a mission to deliver results, but I got a lot more, because I received the blessing of someone who has been my number one supporter since then. You can only love this industry!  

The IIG every year operates with a theme, and that theme is what will resemble a lot of what we do during the year and the President’s vision. So, for the year 2024, the theme I chose is in line with a lot of what I believe in, as well as what the IIG stands for. It is short, simple, easy to remember, and it is #LinkUp.  This is about connecting people with people, people with ideas and people with opportunities as borrowed from M Jannae. It also speaks to Linking up Gauteng to the rest of the country, South Africa to the continent and Linking Up through gifting the world with the gift of Africa. It is really about Linking Up ourselves to the things we value, love and believe in. For the past years, we have done a lot to change lives through our motto to CONNECT, ENGAGE AND GROW aided by our 4 key pillars of Education, Transformation, Networking and Affiliation.

I often refer to the IIG as a mini business school for insurance professionals in which I have come up with 4 quadrants within one’s career journey and how as the IIG we walk this journey with individuals from the day they set foot inro the industry, until retirement.



One of the best things for me is that these 4 quadrants have a nexus, and this point allows them to interact for the growth and development of the industry and its individuals by allowing the different groups to interact and spend time together. This also allows participation of other stakeholders outside of the industry like clients and other service providers, which has increased over the years. Some of the notable initiatives are:

  • Insights Sessions (Educational webinars and seminars)
  • Informer (newsletter)
  • Women’s Day Celebration (Celebrated in August)
  • Dinners (Inaugural and Annual)
  • Golf Days (Presidential, Night and Exclusive Golf)
  • International Trip (All Roads Lead to London in 2024)

As I draw to a close, I am sure some of you were wondering why we have a royalty and London themed Inaugural dinner, there is definitely a good reason for that. It has everything to do with where we are going later this year for our international trip and would encourage you to make a booking for your seats and join us on the Ultimate Networking and Educational Experience in the insurance industry. Contact the office on info@iig.co.za for bookings IIG International Promotional Video

Some of you have heard of the statement, it takes a village to raise a child, I stand in front of you as a true testament of that. My village started in my small family unit, grew into the community I grew up in with mainly immigrants from Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia, became the schools I eventually went to right up until tertiary level. And today, that village is this awesome group of people in the risk and insurance industry consider myself fortunate to be part of. I am this person because of all the support I received from those around me, and I will pay it forward.

In conclusion, those of you with whom I have had interactions know what I credit a lot of my greatest successes to the teams and people I work with, and the IIG is no different. This year, I have the privilege to work with an amazing group of individuals with whom we will carry the vision of the IIG forward. The future is exciting.

I therefore invite all of you to join us in this amazing journey for 2024 and make the journey as amazing as possible for yourselves and those around you as we #LinkUp within the IIG and industry at large.


“We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.” ― William James


Let’s LinkUp in 2024!