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Class Of 2019 – Module 1

We received a record-breaking number of applications for the Class of 2019 this year. Not only was the number of applications high but the calibre of individuals applying could not be turned away. As the IIG we took the decision to have two classes this year. We thought it would be injustice to turn away qualified and capable individuals only because we want to restrict the size of the class. We needed to provide a progressive solution for the positive response received from the industry. However, in the same breath we didn’t want to compromise the standard of the delegates accepted therefore our stringent selection process was maintained.

Both groups have already attended their first sessions and here is their account of Module 1…


Tabula Rasa: A Blank Slate – Explore Inner Space

After conquering Jozi traffic by 8:30am we had all made the IIG offices on time. Upon arrival we realized this is it, a new journey was about to start. Some people looked calm, some nervous and we couldn’t blame them, there is always discomfort and an element of nervousness and of course fear of the unknown with any new journey. As the IIG Class of 2019 we would ultimately have to become a team and possibly even friends. How does one start? How do we start? It’s a blank slate, an opportunity to become better. We had all applied to be part of the class to ultimately acquire new skills which we would utilise going into the future.

Everyone was welcomed, and our session started. Being addressed by the different council members was an eye-opening experience and a reminder of how great humans can be. With vision, clear direction, consistent effort and intention to become better we can all become so much more. The Insurance Industry is a special one in that regard, we have character, pride, passion and purpose.

By now we could sense calmness and a willingness to learn, when looking around the class we knew right there and then it was going to be a great year. Next topic of discussion was personal branding. Suddenly we were faced with important questions that at times we fail to address, “What do people say about you? How do people perceive yourself and like it or not you too are a brand.” This session was a great reminder to always pay attention to your personal brand. To be yourself as everyone else is already taken.

Next up was personality profiling and modern business etiquette. Most were surprised to find out their personal influencing styles and what they meant. It is during these discussions that we were introduced to the concept of Tabula Rasa. According to Wikipedia this is the theory that individuals are born without built-in mental content and that all knowledge comes from experience or perception. The contention that we start life literally from scratch is the reason why we as a Group decided to adopt this phrase as our group name, “Tabula Rasa”. This inspired our team as the journey at hand was unknown and was up to each of us to write on our blank slates. Collectively as South Africans do we all focus on the activities to produce the results we want to see? This was our driving question to make sure we focus and put in the work to make the class of 2019 a success.

Tabula Rasa’s first day comments below:

  • “Choosing our team name resonated with each person in our team as the Class Of being our clean slate to grow our futures in the insurance industry!”
  • “The day left me feeling motivated and looking forward to the rest of the year!”
  • “Awesomeness all the way – it is never too late to discover the person you are!”
  • “A clean, clear and possible future that is just in our hands!”
  • “It made me realise that although performance is a major contributor to one’s success, it’s not the most important factor”
  • “I had the privilege of meeting my amazing new team members that face the same struggles in their professional lives as I do!”
  • “A team filled with quietly confident leaders, all with a sense of humility, a team that is ready to fill this year with experience, giving, but most of all unity!”

Article written by Aaron Mrabalala, Kopano Tholo and Machabe Rathokoane



On the 6th of March, the second tribe of the IIG Class of 2019 met at the Insurance Institute of Gauteng for our first class room session.  The purpose of this workshop was to provide us with knowledge on Personal Branding, Personality Profiles, Business Etiquette and Networking.

The morning started with us being welcomed into the class by our training facilitators and IIG Council Members, including the IIG President of 2019, Carla Jordan.

One of our training facilitators, Linda Coetzee started the day off by introducing us to the five stages of tribal leadership. Once Linda had gone through the stages, each of us were required to explain the level on which we see ourselves on and why. One aspect of this exercise that stood out for me personally was that every single person gave a very open and honest answer, and this is when we started realizing that we have a lot more in common than we thought.

Two of the topics that we found most intriguing was Personal Branding and Personality profiles.  

In the words of Marc Ecko, “You too are a brand, whether you know it or not. Whether you like it or not”.

I always thought that Personal Branding was a simple concept, but we were taught that it is so much more.  Personal branding is, “The practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands”. Everyone knows and has heard the saying; first impressions are lasting impressions. We all lingered on the fact that while it is possible to change people’s perceptions of you, it can be very difficult to alter them.

We were advised that one of the ways to make a lasting impression is by applying Business Etiquette skills.

Another topic which was very thought-provoking, was Personality Profiles.

We were asked to complete a personality test to determine our personality types. This activity sparked a lot of discussion within the group as everyone was surprised to see just how accurate the personality test was.

Once all the topics for the day were covered, we brainstormed what our tribe name would be. After much debate, the class eventually managed to agree on one.

The second group of the IIG Class of 2019 will be called Invictus and will be represented by the colour Gold.

Invictus – This is the Latin word for undefeated. The team felt that this would be an appropriate name as we know that the year ahead will be faced with many challenges, but as a team we know we will help each other through the tough times and in the end, we will emerge as stronger and undefeated individuals.

Gold – This is a colour that stands out and is generally associated with high quality and this is exactly how each member of our class would like to be perceived.

The first session was very informative, and we can already tell that the year is going to be a journey of self – discovery and growth. We have a group of extraordinary people and we are all looking forward to being on this journey with one another.

Article written by Tamlyn Francis