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Class of 2023 Classroom sessions

The Class of 2023 gathered in the classroom on 26 and 27 of July, topics covered were personal mastery, stress management, business writing skills and email etiquette. At face value these seem to be just normal topics, the Class of group were faced with difficult questions which required the class to utilise introspection in order to answer.

Tebogo Raphathelo from Gallagher Re and also the Head of IIG Education Portfolio surprised the Class of 2023 students with some beautiful gifts. She shared her journey from her being a member of the Class of 2019 to present day where she is a Treaty Reinsurance Broker. She touched on “your brand”, “authentic you”,  the “changes” you see within yourself along the way, and gave them valuable tips in regard to Why? What? and How?.

Nathan Elliott and Shanon Labuschagne, past members of Class of, came back to surprise the delegates during the 2-day session. They miss the interaction and classroom sessions provided by their Class of teams and also created a break from the hard work by playing a game with the students which lightened the atmosphere and left the Class of crying of laughter at the end of the day.

The delegates have been on the programme for just over 6 months and as a councilor watching from the outskirts it is amazing to see the transformation happening on an individual and team basis. The  classroom session was a 2-day long “feel good” moment and delegates cant wait for the next session.

Article written by: Wilmine Prinsloo