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Class of 2023 -September Update

It has become evident that before every Class of session, our excitement is fueled by the prospect of the unexpected, guided by the wisdom of Jenna and Linda – our esteemed and extraordinary facilitators.


We enter our classroom days with open hearts and open minds, ready to embrace the uncharted territories of knowledge and growth that await us.


Our final Class of session focused on the importance of presentation skills.


But wait there’s more, before we kicked off the formalities, we were challenged to a game of Kahoot! Which not only tested our knowledge, but our speed as well – the pressure was definitely on!!!


Just like an artist preparing to unveil a masterpiece, we explored how to create an impactful hook that leaves a lasting impression for the rest of a presentation.


From there, we discovered the beauty of the inverted pyramid structure, where our core messages stand tall at the forefront.


Our discussion focused on the significance of preparation as that supports our success.


We learned that rehearsing our content until it flows effortlessly and naturally is the key to confidence and connection with our audience.


We discovered that by being authentic and staying true to ourselves, sharing our experiences and connecting on a human level can create powerful presentations that resonate deeply.


Nerves are part and parcel of this journey, but we learned to tame them with the art of controlled breathing.


Just as a sculptor molds clay with their hands, we harnessed the power of the 4.7.8 rule breathing exercises to shape our performance.


Let’s not forget the importance of dressing the part. As our canvas, our attire sets the stage for our presentation, showcasing respect for our audience and boosting our own confidence.


As we wrap up this enlightening day, remember that presentation skills are an art that can be honed and perfected.


Whether you’re addressing a small team or a vast audience, the skills we’ve uncovered today will serve as your toolkit for success. We have the skills to go out and present with confidence


One of the highlights of the day were our guest speakers. Ellen, from Fulcrum, emphasised that sometimes less is more and highlighted the importance of using your body as an anchor that enables one to look confident when presenting.


Our voice of an angel and Class of 2022 alumni, Kholofelo, graced us with her presence and reminded us that despite our insecurities, we have the P.O.W.E.R. to become anything and everything we would like to be.


This day represents a true “full circle moment” for me that provided a source of inspiration and motivation to become the best versions of ourselves. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Wilmine for arranging such a rich and fulfilling session; we thoroughly enjoyed every moment.


Article written by Deidre Henneberry