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Councillor profile: Carla Jordan

We caught up with outgoing president, Carla Jordan, to reflect on her journey with the IIG and to let us in to her busy schedule and how she manages it all.

You wear many hats, which you manage very well. Tell us how you do this?

I guess I do wear a few different hats.  My primary (and paying :-)) role is of course with Emerald, for whom  I am the Chief Financial Officer as well as the Senior Executive Officer: International Business.  Whilst I have been in the CFO role since 2012, seeing Emerald grow to being a R2,6bn organisation , I only took on the International role in 2016, driving the international diversification of Emerald into emerging markets outside of the African continent, focusing currently on 31 territories throughout the Middle East and SE Asia.  I was a founding member of the Gauteng Women in Insurance, and although am no longer actively involved, still retain a keen interest in the GWII.  In 2020, I will be serving my 6th year on the IIG Council, and shortly handing over the Presidency but taking on the Treasurer role for the year.  I am working on the MBA, and hope to complete everything this year except the dissertation.  Studying and working is something I have done a few times, and I can say that it’s definitely not for sissies!  And arguably my most important hat is the one I wear for my family, who hold the most special part of my heart.  We have had a challenging few months with my husband’s illness and I am also so grateful for all my family and friends who have been pillars of support during this time.

What will be your focus in the IIG this year and why?

My focus this year as Treasurer will be on the finances of the IIG, ensuring that the necessary processes, controls and procedures are in place for the institute to improve efficiencies and help ensure that there is consistency and continuity going forward,

Where do you see the insurance industry going in the next few years?  

The industry is continually evolving.  As Emerald and in alignment with our Group strategy, we will continue our expansion throughout Africa and into our other International markets.  The reinsurance markets worldwide are heavily driven by natural catastrophe events in the US and Asia, and these will impact pricing across the world.  And of course, technology and AI will start to play a more important role as we continue to move into an increasingly more digital era.

What was your biggest highlight in your presidential year?

My highlight has to be the Graduation Day that we held just after the Annual Dinner last year.  Watching so many young, bright and enthusiastic people furthering their professional and personal journeys in insurance is very exciting and speaks to the heart of what we do as the IIG, instilling passion, purpose and pride into those around us, and helping to promote insurance as a career of choice, not chance.