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General Management Program Block 2 Update

With the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic having officially descended on South Africa, and Gauteng being reported as the epicentre of this wave with the National Department of Health reporting up to 99 000 active cases on 10 July 2021 for this province alone. IIG together with GIBS has chosen to move all classroom sessions to a virtual platform for the immediate future.

With Block 2 of the General Management Course having taken place between 5 and 7 July, delegates logged onto their virtual classroom from the safety of their homes for 2.5 days of interactive learning. Block 2 gave delegates insights on managing operations and promoting innovation which is valuable skills in any workplace.

Even though at the start of the 2021 program it was decided that due to lockdown restrictions Action Learning Programs (ALPs) would not be included in the course outline, recently it was decided to introduce group work in this format as of block 2. The ALP will encourage delegates to work together in teams to identify an insurance industry problem and they will set about using their pooled resources to try and come up with apt solutions. This will encourage networking between delegates as well as within the companies they work for, and this project could potentially assist the industry with up to date solutions to age-old problems. Delegates have reported that they are excited to kick off their group projects.

As the pandemic has given rise to many stress factors like longer hours, illness and dealing with grief forming part of our everyday lives, the delegates are allowed to partake in counselling sessions, this has had a positive impact on them during this trying time.

We wish our delegates well as they embark on their block 2 assignments


The article was written by Caryn Solomons


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