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IIG Academic programme – An Update From Some of our 2019 Candidates

The Insurance Academic Programme is a formal structured programme that runs for a 1 year period, with a curriculum aligned to the national certificate in short-term insurance (NQF 5).  The programme is targeted to accommodate school leavers (or those with a NQF 4 qualification/Matric certificate) from previously disadvantaged backgrounds and they get the opportunity to complete the RE Level 5 Board Exams.

The programme also comprises of mentorship elements and work readiness workshops that develop the required skills needed to be successful in the workplace.  There are potential job placement opportunities within the industry for graduating learners.

The Insurance Academic Programme offers of 5 unit standards per study block whereby each unit standard consists of 3 days theoretical classroom studies and 2 days practical work.  During the practical work, students are exposed to various insurance companies in the industry whereby they gain insights and knowledge of how each department operates and complement one another.  We have recently received wonderful feedback from some of our students that were on this programme last year and this is what they had to say:



“The GIFS Academic Programme was an absolutely amazing journey for me!  It was tough at times and a bit challenging but, I am very grateful for the fantastic support that I received from the facilitators and mentors that did not just help me through some difficult modules but also gave me advice about career choices within the broad insurance industry.  After this programme I felt empowered to plan my life, dream big and achieve my goals!  Within three months after I graduated from this programme I was offered a consultation position with Santam Insurance within their Travel insurance department.  This role is very interesting and exciting as it is also grooming me for who I want to become within in the insurance industry in the future.”





“My journey on the GIFS Academic Programme was very interesting and I have learnt a lot about the insurance industry through this learnership.  It  has really changed my life for the better!  I am currently on a learnership programme at Marsh Insurance, working in the Claims Department and it is very exciting as I get to continue to learn and gain insights about the insurance industry on a daily basis.  The GIFS Academic Programme equipped me in many areas in my life, as well as how to conduct myself professionally within the workplace.  Personally, I learned that I can be anything and do anything and that through hard work and consistency I can achieve anything I put my mind to”






“The GIFS Academic Programme played a huge role in my life!  Starting off as 1 of 15 students with basic knowledge about insurance, we did not realise the diverse experience that this programme would offer and how it would impact us even on a personal level.  We were challenged to step out of our comfort zone, work together as teams and how to resolve conflict.  With industry mentors to guide us, I’ve witnessed how my fellow classmates (as well as myself) grew in a short period of time and evolved into professional industry ambassadors.  Although the learnership may have come to an end, the journey strives on!  Classmates are now colleagues and conversations changed from “did you watch that show last night?” to “what effect will this pandemic have on our economy?”  The GIFS Academic Programme lead me to a career opportunity at Marsh where I am able to apply my knowledge and continue to learn more and more about the insurance industry every day.  The adjustment from student to an employed individual was not difficult as the GIFS Academic Programme taught us about diversity and how to work with others from different backgrounds and life journeys and this is what greatly contributes to the success of teams working in the Insurance Industry.”