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IIG Class Of : Time for Presentations

“The Human brain is a powerful thing. It starts to work the moment you are born and doesn’t stop until you stand to deliver speech in public” – George Dessel

Class Of digitally attended Module Four this month. With year-end approaching students are anxious but excited about presentations due in November. Prep time has officially begun!

The course facilitator, Linda, gracefully went through good presentation skills, effective ways to start a presentation, how to manage impact, verbal and non-verbal communication and the list goes on. She was insightful and thorough; students engaged their fears and Linda helped ease these along. 

General Presentation Tips that were highlighted:

  • Know your audience
  • Time your presentation
  • Check the spelling and grammar
  • Back up your presentation on a flash drive
  • Don’t apologies for anything in your presentation, if it’s hard to read or understand don’t use it.
  • Confirm if you need to use a company template

Effective and dynamic, everyone who sat in on this module took something great out of it. We look forward to presentation preps and finals presentation coming soon. Watch this space!

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