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IIG ILDP 2020: The Final Sprint

If 2020 was a race, then our IIG Insurance Leadership Development Programme now will be in the final leg, and students getting ready for the sprint.

This year, our dynamic ILDP students took on learning under strained circumstances, and they have demonstrated resilience and agility, undertaking 3 out of their 4 study blocks via a virtual blended learning process.

In this study block, our students were taken through Strategy Execution and an Operations Management Simulation. Here they learnt:

  • How to craft a strategy
  • What should you look for in internal and external environments
  • How do you execute on that strategy and make sure that your strategy is operating as intended
  • Operations Management within a service environment
  • Lean Management

These concepts were brought to life using a business simulation, ensuring that the experience was both realistic and relatable.

For the simulation, our students got to run a company where they had to craft their own strategy and were responsible for making decisions to execute on the strategy.

Through the simulation, the students received feedback on the performance of their company for its ‘first year of operation’. They were then provided with additional information, where they were required to assess the impact of this information and adjust and execute their strategy. Final feedback was then provided indicating the success of the simulation. This study block culminated with the completion of the syndicate and individual assignments.

This final study block was the height of this year’s learning experience for our students, and the opportunity to tie together all their lessons through the year. On the ILDP Launch Day, we heard Bajabulile Mthiyane from our programme sponsor, Sasria SOC. During her presentation she reminded our students that it was their obligation to embrace their learnings and grow their futures by being the best possible versions of themselves, thereby creating opportunities for others to be seen, chosen, and sent.

 In a few weeks we will be announcing the opening of applications for the 2021 ILDP. If you are a manager in the industry and interested in taking that next step in developing your leadership skills, then keep an eye out for the 2021 programme details.

The time is now – make the decision for growth!

We at the IIG would like to thank our programme sponsor, Sasria SOC for your ongoing commitment to development and in the skill and education of the participant in the Insurance Industry.

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By Keshrie Pillay, IIG Co-Opted Councillor – Education