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It’s not goodbye, I’ll see you soon…

And just like that, the year of #breakthemould comes to an end.  It’s unbelievable to think that the long hours put in preparation for my tenure culminated to what felt like 3 years compressed into 10 months.

I wanted the year of #breakthemould to be remembered as the year that the IIG brought back the basics and in addition delivered unique twists and growth on educational programs and events. We wanted to challenge the norm and our council successfully achieved this!

Looking back there are a few highlights that come to mind: The launch of Roots and Wings International, the Bathu Sneaker Drive, the IIG attending a Youth Day Career Expo, attending the Ireland versus South Africa Rugby World Cup match on our IIG International trip. We lived the 2023 hashtag to #breakthemould, it wasn’t just on paper. I hope that the industry has been inspired and encouraged to challenge the status quo.

Our Annual General Meeting will be hosted on Thursday the 8th of February 2024. I encourage you to take the time to attend this meeting which allows our members to have insights into the financial position of the IIG. Our organization is nonprofit however it is the council’s responsibility to ensure the sustainability of the institute.

It is also at this meeting where we vote in council members which have been nominated by the industry.  I encourage those who want to give back to the industry to put their hands up to be on the IIG council. What the IIG delivers to the industry is immense, it has grown rapidly over the years. Holding a position on the IIG council is challenging, given the need to balance this with a full-time job, however it is so rewarding when done for the right reasons!

I want to say thank you to the industry for the support given during my tenure, I’m overcome with emotion when I think about how so many people rallied behind me. So many people wanted to see me win and for that I’m forever grateful! I remain on council for another 2 years as a past president so for now it’s not goodbye, I’ll see you soon. Our paths are soon to cross. I wish you great success and fulfillment in 2024.

Article Written by: Simphiwe Magangane