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I thought I would try a different approach to our monthly thought leadership pieces by introducing a TED Talk.  I am confident most of you reading this would have seen or heard of TED talks, but if not, take a look at more here.


I decided to choose a TED talk with a fairly relevant topic.  In today’s world of a hybrid work world, meetings can sometimes consume our day and productivity.


I am sure in your career, you have experienced those endless meetings that seem to go nowhere and accomplish nothing. In this TED Talk “How to save the world, or at least yourself, from bad Meetings,” David Grady offers a hilarious yet enlightening take on how to reclaim your time and sanity from the clutches of dreadful meetings.


Grady’s talk is like a breath of fresh air in a room filled with stale agendas and pointless discussions. He starts by highlighting the absurdity of the modern meeting culture, where countless hours are wasted on meetings that could easily have been emailed. Sound familiar?


Grady doesn’t just rant about the problem – he offers practical solutions. From the infamous “invite the few, brief the many” tactic to his ingenious “C.H.A.I.R. model” for effective meetings, Grady equips us with the tools we need to revolutionize our meeting culture.


So, how can we save the world, or at least ourselves, from bad meetings? It starts with embracing the power of saying no to unnecessary meetings and reclaiming our time for meaningful work. It’s about setting clear objectives, sticking to agendas, and respecting everyone’s time. I am so grateful that our company embraces this and gets it so right!


Grady’s TED Talk is not just about making meetings more efficient, it’s about reclaiming our lives from the grip of pointless bureaucracy. So, the next time you find yourself trapped in yet another mind-numbing meeting, remember Grady’s words of wisdom and take back control.


Click here to watch.


I hope you enjoy the talk and good luck with those meetings!


TED talk link- https://www.ted.com/talks/david_grady_how_to_save_the_world_or_at_least_yourself_from_bad_meetings?language=en


Article written by: Kurt Solomon