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Meet the #IIGlobal2019 Delegates!



Meet the #IIGlobal2019 delegates as they embark on the Ultimate Education and Networking Experience of a lifetime to San Francisco & Washington DC.


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We caught up with Sane Mpofu, Head:  Risk Administration at Emerald Africa. Here’s what she had to say.. 







Have you ever travelled overseas before and which is your favourite destination?

Yes, I have and it was Boston Massachusetts City Tour.


Why have you decided to join #IIGlobal2019?

The destinations made me see an opportunity NOT to be missed.


If you had one travel tip for first-time travellers what would it be?

Try to research and understand the basics of people’s culture at your destination prior to your trip.


What are you looking forward to the most on this trip?

Knowledge,  the experience and to bring back the memories.


Tell us something fun about yourself that most people don’t know?

I take free-spirited chances.


What is the one thing that you cannot travel without?

Chilli bites biltong, dried fruits and mixed nuts.


If you could live in any other country where would you live?

The Caribbean Islands, Kingston Jamaica (but I must come back to home).


What country has the best food?

South Africa.


What is your least favourite thing about travelling?

Weather can be of extreme.


How will u be putting the SA in the USA?

As one of the best-developed countries in Africa and I shall represent nothing less excellent.


Stay tuned as we feature the next #IIGlobal2019 delegate..