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Meet the #IIGlobal2019 Delegates!



Meet the #IIGlobal2019 delegates as they embark on the Ultimate Education and Networking Experience of a lifetime to San Francisco & Washington DC.


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We caught up with Victoria Lakey, Manager: Intermediary Services at Bryte. Here’s what she had to say.. 







What is your favourite travel childhood memory?

It was always school excursions and trips. I enjoyed the excitement of travelling with my peers and the learning experience.


What is your favourite holiday destination?



What is the best way to sleep on a plane?

Tilting the seat back a bit and using a pillow that will stay put behind your neck.


What is your top travel tip?

Plan as little as possible, and take lots, and lots of photos.


What do you like to do while travelling?

Learn something new.


What travel gadgets are you taking with you on this tour?

My Power Bank and Camera.


What are you looking forward to the most on this trip?

The learning opportunity. The Networking. The Exposure. As well as just gaining insights into insurance aboard.


Tell us something fun about yourself that most people don’t know?

I would love to learn how to fly a Firefighter Plane.


What is the one thing that you cannot travel without?

My iPhone, iPad and AirPods.


What country has the best food?

South Africa.


Have you ever gotten lost while travelling?

No, never.


What other destinations are on your bucket list?

The UK.


How will u be putting the SA in the USA?

Being proudly South African just knowing how far we’ve come as one of Africa’s most successful countries, how far we have to go, and we rejoice in what makes us who we are! Is what I wanna take with me and share! I have the opportunity to learn and also to teach and share, and an opportunity to proudly represent our beautiful country in our industry.


Stay tuned as we feature the next #IIGlobal2019 delegate..