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Meet the #IIGlobal2019 Delegates!



Meet the #IIGlobal2019 delegates as they embark on the Ultimate Education and Networking Experience of a lifetime to San Francisco & Washington DC.


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We caught up with Wimpie Van Der Merwe, Chief Executive Officer at Global Choices. Here’s what he had to say.. 








Have you ever travelled overseas before and which is your favourite destination?

The first time I travelled overseas was in the year I graduated in 1993 and that was to feed my curiosity. I have many favourite countries and destinations but travel for me is not about the destination it is about the life experiences and journey that teaches us more about the world.


Why have you decided to join #IIGlobal2019?

Ronald Gall and I both enjoyed being part of the IIG International Tours in 2015 and 2016. I am always drawn to leaders and organisations that are great at communicating what they believe. The IIG’s primary focus is on the personal and professional development of the industry and its members by creating opportunities, like this, for them to learn, network, share knowledge and explore collaboration that will benefit the industry.


If you had one travel tip for first-time travellers what would it be?

Buy travel insurance!


What are you looking forward to the most on this trip?

Visiting San Francisco and the Silicon Valley companies.


Tell us something fun about yourself that most people don’t know? 

I really dislike (hate) fresh coriander in food!


What is the one thing that you cannot travel without?

A good book to read and earphones to listen to music.


If you could live in any other country where would you live?

I have no desire to live in another country. We live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world even with its warts and all.


What country has the best food?

Any country that does not put fresh coriander in or on their food!


What is your least favourite thing about travelling?

Standing in long queues to get through customs or security.


How will u be putting the SA in the USA?

By putting the “U” before SA…

Our country has a lot of “U”niqueness that is only available here. We forget this so quickly when things become difficult- I am taking SA from our little corner of the world to the USA to reflect, to potentially discover new insights, to stimulate my creative thinking and on my return to appreciate our country’s potential in this world!


Stay tuned as we feature the next #IIGlobal2019 delegate..