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My ILDP Journey by Matsidiso Mpini

My journey as a participant in the 2023 IIG ILDP ACMP has been an incredible journey of self-improvement and profound professional development. From the onset, I felt a resolute passion to be part of this transformative expedition.

Eight months into the program, I can affirm that the experience has transformed me in profound ways. It has not only challenged me academically but has also been a catalyst for a significant shift in my mental, psychological, physical, and social dimensions.

The course curriculum was diverse and enlightening, covering a spectrum of essential modules such as personal mastery, operations management and client centricity, change management, systems thinking, financial management and decision making, climate risk, 4IR, and the dynamics of high-performing teams.

Being an integral part of IIG exposed me to invaluable professional networks like IISA, IING, and GWII. Moreover, I had the privilege of meeting remarkable individuals such as Bukhosi Khumalo, Simphiwe Mtyali, Londi Ngcobo, Muzi Dladla, and Mandisa Mfeka just to name a few. Their stories and journeys became a wellspring of inspiration, propelling me to construct my own distinctive personal brand.

My guiding mantra throughout this expedition has been to break the mold, shatter glass ceilings, challenge the status quo, and break boundaries.

This mantra has fundamentally altered how I lead, emphasizing the nurturing of growth in others, and being intentional in all my pursuits—whether they be related to my career or personal aspirations. It’s about setting ambitious goals and holding myself accountable to achieve them, trusting in my craft, cherishing it, and continually perfecting it. This mindset has emboldened me to seize opportunities, fearlessly confront challenges, be gentle with myself amidst the journey, harness my strengths, diligently address my weaknesses.

Joining this program has been an investment in my own growth, redefining the realm of possibilities not just for myself but for future generations as well. Armed with the knowledge and insights acquired, I confidently assert that I am breaking the mold and steering my ship as the captain of my destiny.

Article written by: Matsidiso Mpini