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IIG Insights: Reset the NOW and STEP into the NEXT

Abdullah Verachia

On the 24th of June 2021 Sasria sponsored a webinar titled “Reset the NOW and STEP into the NEXT” which was presented by the charismatic Abdullah Verachia. Abdullah is recognised as a leading speaker, disruptor, strategist and thought leader on strategy, innovation and disruption. He is an accomplished author who has also served in senior executive and board roles and has lectured in some of the best business schools. A seasoned professional who brings innovation to life in his passionate virtual address.

His notable achievements are:

  • Selected for the Brightest Young Minds in South Africa
  • Awarded Harvard Business School Dean’s Scholarship for leadership and innovation
  • Recipient of 2019, 2020 and 2021 GIBS Excellence in Teaching Award for executive education and academic programmes, as voted by staff and students
  • Presented with the 15-year Excellence Award for contributions made towards and development of the Model United Nations
  • Made an honorary member of the Golden Key International Honour Society(https://www.averachia.com/about-us/)


Our MC for the webinar was non-other than our respected deputy president of the IIG, Mr. Thabo Twalo. Thabo’s opening statement was that we have reached beyond the insurance industry to bring from the future Mr. Verachia to address us.

This was a live webinar and recording of the virtual webinar was prohibited to protect the intellectual capital of the speaker. Thabo asked the audience to allow themselves to be transported into the future with Global Futurist, Strategist, Speaker and Disruptor as Abdullah will lead us into fundamental shifts taking place in society and reshape the world, as we know it.


Abdullah began the discussion by advising he had spent much time in thinking about how to frame the discussion for the presentation. He jumped straight in and captured the audience with his passion and deep intellect around the topic. Abdullah’s views on the current impact of the pandemic can also be viewed on his online website: https://www.averachia.com/

Abdullah delivered an exciting hour of a journey similar to that of Elon Musks space mission to Mars that transported the virtual audience into an unforeseeable, unpredictable and yet exciting future full of opportunity. His optimism, charisma and deep passion for the topics he has researched so well over the years were delivered with finesse and the precision of a Swiss watchmaker.

The salient points he covered brought into view the following aspects and his shared insights into them. These insights are widely covered on his website and captured in more detail in his books that are available online too.


  • A shift into a discontinuous and disruptive digital world and the choices we make will determine how we ultimately emerge from these uncertain times
  • Dynamic capabilities and organizational ability to navigate
  • The Strategy Loop – i.e. Make Sense, Make choices, Make things happen and Make revisions
  • The political, economic, social and technological changes that we are experiencing
  • Health issues and the rise of Wellness
  • The Travel Apocalypse and the impact to tourism
  • The big property glut – i.e. the impact to commercial office space


At the end of the Webinar, one thing was certain and that is Abdullah captured the virtual audience’s attention and inspired thinking to “Reimagine” the future. Please visit his website, and invite him to your organization for a virtual tour of the future. The narrative he produces will definitely encourage new thinking and rewiring of synapses for both you and your colleagues to generate new ideas and potential opportunities.


Article was written by Kinesh Maistry


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