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Roots and Wings 2022 Launch and pairing

On the 17th of February 2022 #YourIIG in association with Constantia Insurance, Discovery Insure and Emerald Risk Transfer launched the Roots and Wings 2022 programme.

This is the 7th edition of the institution’s mentorship progamme and Constantia Insurance provided us with a beautiful venue to welcome this year’s participants in style. The event was attended by #YourIIG council members, programme facilitators Linda and Jenna Coetzee from Linda Coetzee & Associates and of course, the prospective mentors and mentees.

The day started with IIG President Elect, Thabo Twalo, who welcomed 25 mentees and mentors on the programme, saying that the fact that the mentees were there meant they were ready for change. He also thanked the mentors for their time, expertise and knowledge. The participants we well on already well on their way to bringing this year’s theme to #ShowUp to life.

Linda Coetzee shared some words of wisdom and motivation for the year ahead, expressing to the crowd how the programme has been running for 7 years and with each year the roots get deeper and the wings grow wider.

The powerful impact the programme has on everyone involved is positively undeniable and we saw it this year once more with past mentees returning as mentors ready to give back and continue their own journeys on growth and development.

Khensani, who was a mentee on the Roots and Wings programme in 2021, shared her journey through an expressive and emotive presentation.

The rest of the day was filled with networking and gave an opportunity for the mentors and mentees to mingle ‘speed dating style’ and discover who they clicked with.


The pairing of the mentor and mentee pairs later took place on the 25th of February 2022 also at Constantia Insurance where President Elect Thabo Twalo welcomed everyone including the 2022 council members in attendance on the day.

Jenna introduced the session with the following “ I hear some people saying things like “when I make it…”, “when I get to the top…”, “I’ll keep working hard until I get to the top…”,” until I reach my goal…”, let me tell you something, there is no end!

Winners never stop.

The suspense in the room finally dissolved when Jenna then announced the 2022 mentor and mentee pairs and the pairs excitedly went on to take photographs of the newly formed partnerships.

We wish all our mentors and mentors a fruitful journey and we look forward to seeing how our Roots and Wings will #ShowUp for the year 2022!