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Roots and Wings August Catch-up’s

This month we touched base with more of the Roots & Wings mentors and mentees. The pairs have let us in on their thoughts and unique experiences the programme has brought into their lives.


Mentee: Leonardo Brink from Bryte Insurance Mentor: Lisa du Plessis from Sapphire Risk Transfer

Leonardo shared this with us: “I’ll start by saying “Mentorship” was something I never ever thought of doing before however when the opportunity arose late last year or early this year through the company I work for, Bryte, I was at a phase in my life where I wanted to be part of every opportunity that comes my way, this was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made.


One of my greatest learning areas through this journey was being comfortable isn’t always a great thing because that’s when growth stops, try and place yourself outside your comfort zone every now and then just to keep your mind busy. Lisa taught me that personal life is important and comes before work because without me being physically and mentally fit this will stop me from doing any work.

What I expect from this journey is for Lisa to continue doing what she does best and making me love working in the insurance industry and making me great in my working and personal life.

My Mentor Lisa is a star.”

 Lisa said:  “The experience, in a nutshell, has been with many twists and turns given the forever changing world we find ourselves in with dealing with COVID.

Firstly when we did the “speed dating”, Leo and I clicked – we just got on and I knew he would be a great mentee to work with, so I was thrilled when we were paired.

Over the months that have passed, we have had various meetings in person as well as on teams. We have gone through a series of scenarios to identify areas of growth and focus. We even did a challenge for 30 days which pushed us all – but we did it as a team and others joined in too, adding to the fun! I have seen Leo grow through our session – in work, and in his personal life which has been very rewarding. Definitely, a great experience and good friendships have been built.”


Mentor: Sharon Diane Paterson from Infiniti Insurance Limited Mentee: Khensani Lucert Valoyi from Emerald Risk Transfer

Sharon had this to say: “We are five months into the mentorship journey and boy, has it been an enriching experience.  Mentoring is as enlightening for the mentor as for the mentee.  It has made me take time to consider concepts that I have not considered in years.

Khensani told me upfront that this mentorship should focus on her career.  Her Vision Map, done on her own (a self-starter, this one) showed a well thought out balance between career and personal goals and aspirations.  This led to an exercise comparing talks by three successful individuals focussing on what they deemed to be a success – an exercise aimed at Khensani determining what was for her true success.  The knock-on effect was me re-thinking ‘success’ and what I should be striving to achieve. 

What am I looking forward to?  Spending more quality time with Khensani.  Guiding a business through this changing landscape has been all-consuming and lockdown, and covid has meant that we have only spent one day doing the ‘fun things as opposed to the ‘serious’ things.  We have some ‘fun-time catching up to do!”

Khensani tells usThere is definitely a reason for meeting someone. I have never imagined where I am today, my mentorship journey has been a blessing, crossing paths with Sharon has made me discover myself. At the beginning of the mentorship program, I had no idea I will be telling a different story about who I am. It has been a few months in the journey and I have had an awesome ride so far. My mentor is playing an awesome role in helping me discover who I am and where I want to be.

I was so comfortable with where I was in my career, little did I know the more I challenge myself to move from one place to another is the way I learn and grow, thanks to Sharon for making me see that. Although we are on this journey during this Pandemic nothing is stopping us to enjoy it. Words cannot explain how wonderful my journey has been both professionally and personally. I am looking forward to a fruitful journey as we continue through the mentorship journey and beyond.”


Mentor: Milesha Chetty from Leppard
Mentee: Oratile Rakgogo from AON

Milesha shared the following with us – “Though we are still in the midst of the Roots and Wings programme, I will state with confidence that this has been a deeply rewarding experience and I am certain I will continue to feel the same when the year has ended. The pairing of my mentee, Oratile Rakgogo and myself has been a perfect match, and we have been able to engage with ease. It’s fulfilling to help her navigate her career path and inspiring to see the enthusiasm she receives guidance and advice. The mentorship programme has been of mutual benefit to both of us, because as a Mentor I find myself on a self-discovery journey as well, leading to self-improvement. As the saying goes, Practice what you Preach. I encourage anyone who is considering a Mentor role, to take the leap and sign up. I know I will certainly consider this role again. “





Article correlated by Jabulile Mtimkulu 


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