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Roots and Wings Pairing event 2021

A much anticipated day by both mentors and mentees, the 5th of March 2021 could not have come sooner and thanks to our sponsors SASRIA, Discovery, Emerald Risk Transfer and Constantia Insurance it was a memorable day.


Guests trickled into the Constantia Insurance offices with palpable high energy and enthusiasm from both sides. The atmosphere was electrifying and neither mentor nor mentee held back as they engaged excitedly with one another around the room, not yet knowing whom they would be sharing their nine-month mentorship journey with.


The small gathering was equipped with all the safety measures in place as guests enjoyed light breakfast snacks, among the most delicious and befitting being wing-adorned cupcakes.


As the second leg of the 6th edition of the Roots and Wings programme kicked off, proceedings began swiftly with Linda Coetzee welcoming the guests and laying out the day’s events.  With some of the 27 mentors and mentees joining the event online, they felt as much part of the day as those physically there as Linda introduced them to the crowd.


The moment everyone had been waiting for had come. As each mentee was called to the fore, all waited with bated breath to find out which of the insurance industry’s brilliant and experienced minds would be mentoring the aspiring professionals.  The pairing exercise involved all the mentors and mentees taking personality tests conducted by Linda Coetzee and Associates to find the best-suited matches. So needless to say the twenty-seven pairs were all ecstatic with the end results as one by one they made their way from the pairing floor to get their first photographs together taken and an optional short clip introducing themselves and their expectations.


We have no doubt that this year’s pairs will make the most of this amazing opportunity and whether physically or virtually will engage with purpose and continue to be the difference.


This article was written by Jabulile Mtimkulu

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