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Roots & Wings: Up Close and Personal with our pairs.

2021 Roots and Wings took off on a high note and we simply had to touch base with our pairs to find out how they are enjoying their journey so far and what they’re still looking forward to! Here’s what a few of them had to say:

Mentor: Allan Bader – Chubb

This is the first year I am involved in the R&W program and I reckon I am as excited, if not more so than the mentees.

My Mentee, Evo, is such an interesting guy. An actuary, by qualification (by the end of the R&W program he would have written his board exam), he is not your typical grey shoe-wearing number cruncher. Mature beyond his age, I am also learning from him in the short space of time we have been paired.

I’m excited to see where we both end up when the program concludes.


Mentee: Evashen Mooninathan – Hollard

In the work environment, I have always adopted a very serious and “professional” persona, Allan has helped me to see that some of the more edgy aspects of my life are what make me memorable. So far, we have had engaging conversations about strategies for networking more deliberately and improving time management, areas of development that I identified for myself. We’ve also connected on a personal level, discussing relationships and our interesting hobbies. There has been a great deal of change with the new ways of work that we have adopted, and it has been helpful to discuss ideas on how to work effectively in this new environment. I believe a good mentor assists you with tools and guidance and then watches what you build…this experience is inspiring me to push myself to greater heights in both my professional and personal spheres. I’m enjoying the challenges that have come from our sessions together, and I look forward to the growth that it will lead to in the coming months.



Mentor: Janelle Kettle – Kettle Consulting

We attract who we are and our pairing was certainly true to this statement.  Faren and I share similar values and beliefs which has made it an effortless journey.  Faren’s enthusiasm, commitment and determination are certainly the right qualities for a successful mentor/mentee relationship. She has set goals in every area of her wheel of life and has already made huge strides towards achieving these.  

I am looking forward to Faren creating the future she has envisioned for her life!


Mentee: Faren Hayes – Tracker

The current pandemic has many more people teleworking and adapting the business to the virtual environment. Our mentoring sessions do not have to be in-person – as we’ve learned in the Covid-19 era, they work well virtually, with the camera’s on and audio unmuted. 

Our first meeting was online where Janelle and I  took this opportunity to design our alliance. In this session, we touched on communications between the two of us, how often we can meet, confidentiality and what our focus will be for the year 2021 and beyond.

Janelle and I meet on a monthly basis for coffee as this gives us an opportunity to reflect and evaluate. I count myself lucky, as my mentor is a message or call away!!

 I have never been a part of a mentorship program and this had made me realise that so much as mentors have specific characterises for success, I was a mentee also have attributes and sensibilities that make for a good mentee. 

With Janelle’s help in this program, I was able to identify what my responsibilities and focus for this Root & Wings 2021 program will be:

  • I need to be committed to expanding my capabilities and focus on achieving professional results
  • Be clear about my career goals, needs and wants
  • Willing to ask Janelle for help, show vulnerability and explore different paths and perspectives
  • Being able to seek and accept feedback, and lastly
  • Be personally responsible and accountable.

 Janelle has given me a task to read a book a month that will have a positive influence on my growth. For the month of April, I have chosen the book called “The Power of Habit” written by Charles Duhigg.

“Change might not be fast, and it isn’t always easy. But with time and effort, almost any habit can be reshaped.” Janelle together with the Roots & Wings program has shown me that sometimes you need someone who believes in you more than you do, and they believe in you because they’ve been there themselves.


Mentor: Chris Potter – Emerald

Mentee: Jerry Ntshabele – Constantia Insurance Company Ltd.

Has it been a month and a few days only?? For me, it feels as if it has been a year already. What an eye-opening journey it has been so far. I have discovered so much about myself in a short space of time and I am looking forward to how the rest of the journey will unfold and the person that will be unleashed.

I am so grateful for the opportunity, and the relationships that have formed thus far. I couldn’t have asked for another mentor… Chris here’s to a fruitful journey that we are embarking on. To Jenna and Linda and everyone involved thank you for making this possible for us.


This article was curated by Jabulile Mtimkulu. 


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