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Syfinity: 2020, our journey and beyond

December 2019, not so long ago but a distant memory. The World was full of excitement and many saw 2020 with visions of health, wealth, and prosperity. Little did we know, Covid-19 was at our door knocking to come in. Before we knew it, we were going into lockdown for 21 days, we had mixed feelings and were not sure what to make of it. Then it got real when the lockdown was extended for another two weeks. On the 29 April 2020, government gazetted that every employer must implement health and safety measures including Covid-19 Symptom screening.


On the 11 May 2020, Syfinity Solutions saw a need to automate this screening process to assist businesses to be compliant. We began developing an App that released into Google Play and App Stores on the 20 June 2020. This was a phenomenal achievement, the release of the “MyGate App” for Covid-19 Screening in such short space of time. The App creates QR Codes that stores personal information using SHA-256 encryption that only the App can decrypt and read, making the process fast and secure. Our approach was to “lighten the load” for every type of organisation, streamlining the screening process for staff, students and visitors by doing a Covid-19 self-diagnosis, whilst the organisation will Login with their credentials into the App, scan the QR Code and enter the temperature before submitting. Reporting is easily taken care of, safe and secure without the hassle of long queues.


For the IIG Parlotones Event held on the 28 November 2020, we modified the App to assist with streamlining the “ticketing” process that was successful in fast tracking many of its members through the gates with ease.


In August 2018, Syfinity launched its first Chatbot – Neo for an insurance broker that is even capable of doing multiple quotes for car insurance on its website, Facebook, Telegram and Skype. The Chatbot is integrated with machine learning (ML) technology that improves with every response over time. Neo can even tell you a joke for when you need a pick me up!


Syfinity has its own CRM (Xchange and Xtreme) built for the insurance broker market who do not have binders, therefore keeping a duplicate record in the system that assists with dealing with amendment queries, claims, quoting, cancellations and reinstatements. The system has built in SMS, email, various reports including income projection, thus tracking every aspect of the business. Syfinity has invested heavily in providing a Cloud Hosted PBX solution with full call recording functionality that also uses an App for remote working when making calls.


Our latest project that we are excited about is building Progressive Web Apps (PWA) that will have the capability for offline storage and will sync back when online, which means it does not require a network connection. To understand this concept, take a car hire company for example, that needs to check in a car that has been returned to the depot. The car hire consultant will take their mobile phone and record all the necessary information including any damages on the car by taking photos, etc. This entire process does not require an internet connection and when the car hire consultant returns back to their office, they can sync the data back to server or automate the process as soon as they have network connection. This opens many opportunities and it also uses the mobile phones processing power to validate the business logic and flow, meaning the server is under less strain and does not need many open socket connections.


To stay ahead our game, we work with many key technologies: – Full Stack Microsoft, Javascript, JQuery, Angular, SQL Server, SSRS, MariaDB, MongoDB, Firebase, JSON, XML, API Integrations. We have technology across multiple cloud environments: 1GridHost, AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.


So now what?

If you are looking for a partner that will take your business to another level, then consider partnering with us. Visit us at www.syfinity.com.


From our Syfinity family to yours, have a blessed and safe festive season!