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The start of a journey – Roots and Wings 2023

The Insurance Industry is not immune to the economic pressures imposed on all of us, especially when everyone is trying to adapt to the current unprecedented changes.  However, if you look closely on the IIG side, there’s always light on the other end of the tunnel, which is ignited by sheer intentions created through collaborative effort to create magic within the Insurance industry.  This magic is created by real people, our mentors and mentees from the Root and Wings programme. As per tradition, we kicked off the year by launching the 2023 R&W #ShowUp programme which was followed by bringing this cohort into one room and playing matchmaker a few weeks later.

Yes, that’s right on the matchmaking. The reality though is this is more than just bringing two professionals together.   It’s a journey about how both the mentee and mentor will reciprocate a relationship that comes with a magnitude of experience, knowledge, collaboration, commonly identified objectives that will expand the capabilities of the mentee to become all they’ve ever wanted.

With the help of our incredible facilitator Linda Coetzee and her team, it was so strange to watch how on the day for the pairing some of the candidates were sitting literally next to each other and some had matching color outfits yet didn’t know they’d end up together.  As mentioned, this was very magical.  Some mentees got paired with mentors they secretly hoped for. 

The IIG 2023 theme is “#BreakTheMould”, and this ironically coincides with the purpose of the Roots & Wings programme which focuses on the journey for both the mentors and mentees each year. 

Our New President Simphiwe Mtyali’ s gorgeous face beamed with excitement when she gave a personal  testimony about her own journey and gave our mentees reassurance that this journey can be the beginning of greater achievements ahead if they opened up to learning from their experienced mentors who have collectively accumulated a wealth of Insurance knowledge over the years; which they are literally giving away for free. 

Fast forward a few weeks post the formalities, the cohort didn’t waste anytime to get to know one another and importantly, showed us how you can learn and remain cool while at it. They really made learning look super cool, who wouldn’t want this for themselves though? I still wonder.

The Roots and Wings programme will eternally be grateful to our long standing great partners;  Insurance Institute of Gauteng (IIG), Discovery Limited, Sasria SOC Limited, Chubb, Emerald Risk Transfer (Pty) Ltd and Howden Broking (Insurance).

Article written by: Thuso Mafa