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The Ultimate Educational and Networking Experience! February 2024 Update

The IIG International tour is an annual trip that provides industry professionals with the Ultimate Educational and Networking Experience. In 2024, London and Oxford await all delegates!

The trip is a platform for current and future leaders of the local industry to make meaningful global connections, to learn and share ideas with global leaders. It allows them the opportunity to apply and strengthen their personal development and that of their teams, companies, and the industry at large back in South Africa and the continent. Immediate Past President of the Insurance Institute of London, Christopher Lay, sent a welcoming video to all IIG members, South African and African insurance industry professionals at large who will be traveling this September https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSjGXUc5mCM

To book your ticket and for enquiries, please email info@iig.co.za to secure your seat.

Article written by: Bukhosi Khumalo