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UpSqill: Problem Solving, Critical Thinking and Innovation with Dr Jeff Chen

The year 2021 saw the IIG launch a brand-new industry competency training which was named UpSqill, a play on the words “to upskill”. Programme topics such as innovation, problem-solving, and critical thinking were the order of the day. Not only are these very relevant topics, identified by Inseta as necessary competencies for the 4th and 5th industrial revolution, but the training itself is very much needed in our industry.

This training was initially scheduled for June, but due to the Covid-19 third wave, had to be postponed. This gave the IIG an opportunity to tweak the delivery of the programme to keep it in line with COVID 19 protocols. The session had to be changed from face-to-face sessions to online delivery. This method of delivery is very familiar to our experienced facilitator Dr Jeff Chen and it did not impact the experience too drastically for the attendees.

The programme was hosted in July, delivered in a live virtual session over two days. The sessions included breakaways into smaller groups to encourage reflection, tackling problem-solving exercises and interaction between those in attendance. 

Dr Jeff Chen, full-time faculty at the Gordon Institute of Business Science, has in-depth experience and interest in customizing executive modules aimed at fostering innovative leaders, strategists and consultants. Facilitating the diverse composition of delegates is exactly where Dr Jeff’s experience lies, and this diversity of the group positively contributed to conversations from different perspectives.

The sessions were engaging and the candidates thoroughly enjoyed this programme with new networks were formed. Candidates expressed how they could not wait for the next session.

This programme was accredited with 5 CPD points, a great way to start the new CPD cycle.

UpSqill sessions are planned to run twice a year, with the next session planned for October 2021. This session will see attendees from our industry coming together to UpSqill themselves with relevant topics delivered by a world-class facilitator.


The article was written by Melissa Jacobs


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