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WATCH: STI Corporate Athletes share insights with IST graduates

Participants in the first-for-Africa STI digital accelerator initiative, The IST Graduate Programme 2021, are now halfway through their ground-breaking education journey. Powered by GIFS, the Insurance Institute of Gauteng (IIG) and SASRIA SOC Ltd, the programme sees young IST graduates being put through a rigorous six-month industry immersive experience to help them understand how the Short-Term Insurance Sector works. This, so they can quickly and viably harvest technology to implement tech-enabled solutions.


For the 25 digital mavericks, a definitive highlight so far has been the Corporate Athletes session. Three STI innovators and trailblazers have given participants a tantalising glimpse into the workings of their extraordinary minds.


Christelle Colman, Managing Director at Elite Risk, Micky Maharaj, Chief Operating Officer at OUTsurance Shared Services, and Simon Colman, Business Head of Digital and Financial lines at SHA Risk Specialists within the specialist business unit at Santam, made an indelible impact on the programme participants, offering invaluable advice and tools to take ownership of their own personal and professional development.


Christelle, Micky and Simon shared unique insights, career advice and life lessons, setting out a clear pathway for learners to depart from a “pack mentality” to chart their own pathways and develop into agile, forward-thinking industry game-changers.


Learners hung on to every word, immersing themselves in such prized guidance and wisdom. Programme participant, Samkelo Mndaweni, found Christelle’s thoughts on work, life, and striking a balance between the two, fascinating…


In addition to sharing their thoughts on the inner workings of the industry and the critical lessons they have learned along the way, the Corporate Leaders also advised the IST graduates on how to ramp up their careers and cultivate a winning mindset that differentiates the ordinary from the extraordinary.


Learner, Nicholas Naidoo, says it was a remarkable session, adding that he has taken Micky’s words to heart…


All three Corporate Athletes touched on practical ways to stay on top of the game in a fast-paced, competitive industry, highlighting the importance of remaining grounded and level-headed.



Participant, Lord Kgasago, says he took furious notes when Simon spoke about agility, vision and commitment…

The IST Graduate Programme wraps up on 14 December 2021. Click here to read more about the initiative that is designed to tackle the challenges posed by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.



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