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IIG Academic Programme Mentorship Workshop: Fostering Success in the Insurance Industry

The IIG Academic Programme Mentorship Workshop held on the 28th of July 2023 at ABSA Towers in Johannesburg was a momentous occasion, bringing together mentors from esteemed companies within the insurance industry and 15 enthusiastic students enrolled in the IIG Academic Programme. The event was met with great enthusiasm and marked the beginning of a transformative journey for the participants.

The IIG Academic Programme is a highly regarded initiative spanning a year, meticulously designed with a curriculum aligned to the national certificate in short-term insurance (NQF 5). The program is specially tailored to accommodate school leavers and individuals with a NQF 4 qualification/Matric certificate from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. It is geared towards equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the insurance industry, while actively promoting diversity and inclusivity.

The Mentor Session, which commenced at 9 am, was a significant moment where mentors from various prestigious insurance companies gathered to participate in this rewarding initiative. These mentors, accomplished professionals with vast experience, generously devoted their time and expertise to shape the career paths of the aspiring students. Their presence served as an inspiration and a strong testament to the insurance industry’s commitment to nurturing and developing new talent.

At 11 am, the Mentee Session commenced, and the 15 students participating in the IIG Academic Programme eagerly awaited their mentor pairing. The allocation process was meticulously undertaken, considering each mentee’s interests, aspirations, and areas of expertise. The goal was to foster productive and meaningful relationships that would provide consistent support to the mentees throughout their academic and professional journey.

The mentorship offered within the IIG Academic Programme is highly formal and structured, with specific deliverables assigned to both mentors and mentees. The partnerships will extend until the end of the year-long program, providing ample time for trust and understanding to develop, enabling mentors to offer valuable insights, advice, and support. This extended mentorship period aims to facilitate the mentees’ growth as they navigate through their studies and career aspirations within the insurance industry.

In addition to academic guidance, the program features work readiness workshops that focus on developing the essential skills required for success in the workplace. These workshops complement the academic curriculum and provide a well-rounded learning experience that goes beyond theoretical knowledge, ensuring that graduates are fully equipped to thrive in the industry.

One of the pivotal moments of the day was the Mentor & Mentee Connect at 12 pm. This event marked the official commencement of the mentorship relationships, providing mentors and mentees with the opportunity to meet face-to-face. During this session, they exchanged ideas, set goals, and laid the groundwork for their transformative journey together. The energy in the room was palpable, as the mentors and mentees shared their enthusiasm and mutual commitment to making the mentorship a meaningful and rewarding experience.

The day reached its climax at 3 pm with the Final Pairing of Mentees & Mentors. This crucial event solidified the connections between mentors and mentees, creating a strong foundation for the transformative year ahead. The IIG Academic Programme’s emphasis on mentorship, combined with its well-structured curriculum and work readiness workshops, presents a comprehensive and holistic approach to nurturing new talent within the insurance industry.

Moreover, the program also opens up potential job placement opportunities within the industry for graduating learners, encouraging them to perform at their best and secure promising career paths within the insurance sector.

In conclusion, the IIG Academic Programme Mentorship Workshop showcased an exceptional commitment to fostering success in the insurance industry by nurturing and developing new talent. This event, held at ABSA Towers in Johannesburg and featuring mentors from leading companies including ABSA Insurance, AMICOS Insurance Enterprises, Hollard Insure, Marsh, Santam, Bryt and Discovery Insure, was indeed a great success. The mentorship and guidance provided throughout the year-long program will undoubtedly contribute to the personal and professional growth of both mentors and mentees, making a significant and positive impact on the insurance industry for years to come. By attracting and retaining new talent, particularly from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, the IIG Academic Programme plays a vital role in promoting diversity and inclusivity, ensuring a bright and thriving future for the insurance sector.

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Article written by: Aaron Mrabalala