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Every day, our roots grow stronger and wings wider!

Time flies, literally! It’s only been seven months of a stimulating journey for our mentors and mentees; however, it still feels like we just boarded this flight.  Our roots have grown stronger and wings wider through continuous exchange of wisdom and personal investment.  Lives are changing, everyday!

We hosted our very first online Roots and Wings International review session where the cohort unpacked the success of their collaboration on this new journey.  The mentees had everyone in tears after unpacking the impact of how their lives have transformed to heights they never expected from inception of this personal uplifting path.  Words cannot express the passion and gratitude which fills our mentees’ hearts – you had to be in the room to experience the true sense of the impact of the Roots and Wings program. 

The best part about this journey is that it gives many young professionals aspirations to dream beyond their everyday struggles. Mentors make this journey authentic by sharing their own personal and professional up and downhills and this is what most mentees appreciate because they can relate; and importantly draw strength from someone who’s been in their shoes before.

During our Roots and Wings Mix and Mingle which took place in the third week of July, we had an opportunity to tap into an incredible pair Kyle Volschenk and Marlon Bowes, who were equally willing to share the impact the journey has had in the last couple of months.

The writer will attempt not to dilute the pair’s excursion and rather tell it as is from the horse’s mouth.

Let’s hear what Kyle’s life has transformed; “For me the R&W program was something very challenging and scary at first, but it has changed my life in multiple ways and my colleague proposed that I join the program. Marlon is such an amazing person and someone to look up to and every message, call and session has been so valuable to me so far and I have learned so much. When I started with the program, I didn’t have much confidence, I doubted myself in so many ways and being so challenged by building a short-term insurance brokerage from scratch.”


Likewise, Marlon his mentor; showed gratitude to his employer, who also happens to be one of our main IIG sponsor and this is what he had to share about this journey; “My experience in becoming a mentor in gave me opportunities to learn and grow as a leader and building lifelong networks. Kyle’s mentorship journey is like no other, he’s really the future of this industry and I proudly say that we have learnt and developed well as a pair together. The IIG Roots and Wings program opens a new chapter to all young professionals in the insurance industry, so please start the journey sign up and become part of the most exciting journey of your careers.

Roots and Wings Mentors – We salute you!


The Roots and Wings programme will eternally be grateful to our long-standing great partners; Insurance Institute of Gauteng (IIG), Discovery Limited, Sasria SOC Limited, Chubb, Emerald Risk Transfer (Pty) Ltd and Howden Broking (Insurance)


Article written by: Thuso Mafumo