IIG News

2022 in a nutshell


The IIG team spends many hours planning and executing the sessions and events that assist in bringing the industry together. This year was a culmination of the industry usual events as well as playing catch up with all the networking we have missed out on in the last 2 years due to the pandemic.

The start of the year is always marked by the IIG annual general meeting, which took place virtually on 8 February. It provides all who attend more information on what the IIG has done throughout the previous year as well as what the plans are for the year to come. The IIG Inaugural Dinner which took place on 17 March officially welcoming this year’s president, Thabo Twalo was well attended and allowed many to step out of their home offices after the COVID-19 fifth wave.

The Insurance Leadership Development Program (ILDP) moved from one academia to another and also saw the class of 2021 graduate in May this year, whilst the 2022 class started their course. The programme has over the years allowed for the development of leaders who are strong not only in business terms, but with an insurance twist.

The class of 2022 were split into 2 groups who went through a rigorous transformation journey with in-class and practical sessions that provided them with opportunities to grow as leaders as well as develop their skills as team players. As part of the programme, they have to raise money for a cause, and they were tasked to raise funds towards the IIG Academic programme and they raised more than R100, 000, and a special thank you to the industry for the support as well. From karaoke, golf days and soccer matches these individuals worked together to think outside of the box into ways to make their journey worthwhile. 

Roots and Wings saw mentors from all over the industry taking in a mentee for the year and helping them grow in their positions in the industry. Ultimately, the mentors with their roots firmly established in experience, provided their mentees with wings to fly into many possibilities.

With a record number of golf days in 2022, 4 to be exact, we enjoyed the beautiful Gauteng weather, stayed safe and managed to mingle as an industry at some of the most iconic greens this province has to offer. Whilst the 18 holes were not always easy, the 19th was always something every golfer looked forward to. This year also saw the re-introduction of the IIG International trip which was in Spain and Italy, the pictures and feedback sessions don’t do justice to give the full picture of what an amazing experience the delegates had. The 2023 trip destination is loading and look out for it to book your spot!

The IIG held a record amount of virtual Insights sessions this year sponsored by many of the industry giants, these sessions were provided free to all and awarded attendees with valuable CPD accreditation. Your IIG celebrated 111 years of service in August and are committed to serving this industry for many more years to come.

As most of your IIG team consists of volunteers from different companies across the non-life industry we give thanks to our seniors, leaders and companies that allow us this opportunity to serve the industry and shape the future. The future is undoubtedly exciting

Article written by: Caryn Solomons