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A special farewell message for our GM, Nina Joubert

To successfully run an institute such as the IIG, council members need to be dedicated, motivated and put in long hours. This however, cannot be done without knowing that you have the support of a strong back-office team and this has certainly been the case with Nina at its helm.

Nina has provided the IIG with more than 1 300 days of hard work and devotion, filled with some unforgettable memories. As 2018 comes to an end it is also time to say farewell to the person that has seen the IIG go from strength to strength and been a vital part in it raising the bar.

It was after some reflection that the significance of her impact was further acknowledged. When Nina started in 2015 our calendar had 20 event days in it, including the Class of modules (1 programme and 16 events in total) – this year our calendar boasts 63 event days including all programmes (3 programmes and 28 events in total). In addition to this, our member base has grown 50-fold during her tenure and our office has implemented new systems/tools that have been put in place to enable sustainable future growth.



We got to sit down with Nina for one last time and ask her about her experience of the IIG. Here is what she had to say…


Tell us about yourself and how you landed up at the IIG.
I have a strong events and hospitality background with ten years’ collective experience in these industries. Like most of my close insurance friends I “landed in insurance by mistake” – I could not resist the allure of creating magical networking events and educational initiatives that make a tangible difference.

A dear friend of mine recommended the post and after being interviewed by past presidents as well as IIG councillors, I joined the institute in 2015. Being a part of the IIG has given me more than three years of exposure, experience and learnings about this incredible industry we work in. I have loved every minute of it! I look forward to furthering my education in this field and a growing career in insurance.


You’ve pulled off some incredible events and been to some amazing places during your time at the IIG. What are your highlights?
There are HUNDREDS of highlights… each year has been filled with unique and memorable experiences – I could write a little book on these….

My first Inaugural and Annual dinners were very special! We also pulled off some really fun events in a short space of time including our first-ever Spinathon (this is definitely a highlight) as well as each Mid-Winter event, from a garden concert to soccer tournaments to fun runs – sjoe! The last Annual Dinner was definitely a networking event highlight and a special one for me.

Our education programmes developed every year, the concepts, experiences and delegations from all classes changed my life.

I am passionate about travel, so every IIG International tour has been the most incredible experience. We have travelled the world together from New York to Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong, and Zurich and Amsterdam – each one unique and never to be forgotten!


What are your you going to miss the most?
The very nature of the daily IIG activities. Having such diversity in all that we do as well as working closely with IIG and insurance leaders.


Do you have any words of inspiration/thanks before you leave the IIG?
I believe that the best education is what you gain from sharing knowledge with one another and from travelling. There is importance and value in effective networking, I’ve learnt so much from the people I have had the honours of engaging with. My key thoughts lately have been to always Remain Humble, Have Courage, Have Fun and Be Kind.

Always do everything you can!

I express my most sincere thanks and gratitude to my IIG, an institute that has given me such incredible experiences, learnings and growth. I am humbled to have served with each councillor and past president during my time. A special thank you to each of my presidents – Zuriel Naiker, Tracy McLaughlin, Gerald Van Wyk and Daniel Stevens. To my mentors, I have received so much advice, guidance, shared wisdom and life changing discussions. Thank you!

To Shari, another IIG Rockstar and to all my insurance friends, I thank you for your support, encouragement and look forward to many, many years of friendship in insurance!