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About Time Management

Our time is our most valuable and precious commodity and cannot be replaced no matter how hard we try. It is not like anything else in the world where you can get more, when time has passed by it has passed by, we cannot go back.


Jim Rohn says it so eloquently “Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.”


With that being said I came across this interesting read from the book Every Managers Desk Reference page 60 titled Understanding Time Management:


“You know that there are 24hrs in a day and 168 hours in a week. You also know that sometimes these periods of time seem to race by without warning, offering you far less than the actual number of hours.


You don’t have to study theoretical physics to understand that, for all practical purposes, time is relative. When you’re facing a deadline, the minutes seem to click off the clock at a faster pace than when you’re attending a lecture that bores you senseless. In the daily rush of contemporary society, too many hours seem to go by in far less than 60min. When you get to spend an hour with a long-lost friend or someone you genuinely look forward to seeing, for example, it seems as if you cover so much ground within that hour; compare this to how quickly an hour passes when you watch two television sitcoms.


Caution: The more task and activities you attempt to cram into a fixed time period, the faster that time period seems to go by- and the less you’re likely to enjoy the time at all.


Why do we feel uncomfortable when our time races along? Human physiology has been in formation for tens of thousands of years; it took us long time to develop into the type of species that we are today. Meanwhile, contemporary society is moving faster and faster.


At work, more phone calls, “team’s meetings”, emails ……and a greater variety of consumer goods all conspire to make it seem as if each hour and each day is flying by….


Less can be more Enjoyable and more Productive!!!!” Can it really be?


At times the best decision is to maintain control of your time, it’s wise not to have too many things competing for your time and attention.


The book further guides, “if you know that right now is the most important moment, and then the next moment is the most important moment, and then the next and so on, you are far more inclined to be judicious with the use of your time.”


I•Am•Crisp and I am mindful of time, are you?


Article written by: Jonathan Crisp