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Academic Programme Virtual Workshop

On 10 March 2021, the Academic Programme saw its first virtual workplace learning session hosted by Santam. The aim was to provide the learners with a snippet of how a day in an insurance company looks like and we were able to achieve just that.  The feedback from it has been amazing and with learners being grateful for an opportunity to learn, and some for most for the first time in their lives, about how the industry runs.


Part of the key takeaways were that it is beyond just insurance but also looking at employee development, integrating technology into insurance operations, and protecting the balance sheet of the company by the use of reinsurance technics.


This is first of four sessions that they will have before the completion of the programme and will in addition learn about broking, specialty classes of insurance, and technology in insurance in the coming sessions.  Below is the feedback from some of the learners regarding their key learnings from the session:


Thato Mokoena

I learnt a lot regarding the wide range of products that Santam provides to the insurance market as a company and made me realize that insurance is beyond anything I have ever known so far. They also highlighted how they handle their claims in summary and it was fascinating to learn the process and understand it at my level.


What stood out for me was how seriously the industry takes client service and commitments, which keeps clients loyal and protected; this benefits the business in the long-term. Lastly, also learnt about the structure of the organization including their careers portal that helps them with their recruitment process.



Mihlali Gwama

My own understanding from the Santam workplace is that Santam has a school within the company where they advance the skills of their employees. I have also discovered that reinsurance method keeps insurance companies safe and able to always pay out claims. Technology is being taken seriously in the company and it is already been used is so many ways. Sanlam came from Santam but now Sanlam hold a higher percentage in shares.


Thakhani Muofhe

I really liked the idea of the company as a whole, there is really a lot of good things going on there. The fact that they even have a school within the company is amazing as they focus on employee skills beyond what the employees can give to the company. I have also discovered that they use reinsurance method to keep themselves safe and be able to always pay out claims which is another part of the insurance industry I didn’t know. The presentation made me wish to work at the company in the future.


Article written by Bukhosi Khumalo


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