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Being a delegate of the IIG Class of 2023…

Firstly, the nomination itself has value. Being nominated by your own company to represent them in a class of aspiring industry leaders, is nothing short of an impeccable opportunity.


Every company is different, and every person is unique, this is quite comprehensively illustrated by the delegates in the Class of 2023, every one of us has something unique to offer. Whether they are claims technicians, underwriters, broker development managers or already team leaders in their respective positions. No matter the delegate, it is clear that they have an exciting future in the industry and could potentially have a massive impact in this ever-changing field.


Secondly, the connections you can find in your classes are of extreme value. Whether you are sitting next to a competitor from another insurance company (Who you know you have lost quotes to), or you are sitting next to someone who has been in the insurance apprentice and is clued up like no other on their SASRIA policy wording. Either way, these connections will allow anyone to start piecing together their future industry partners and if you look really closely, you might even find a future IIG president sitting next to you… who wouldn’t want that connection?


Thirdly, we have the opportunity to fundraise and practice our sales experience with a new and exciting opportunity unique to the Class of 2023 where we have partnered with Batu Shoes to help Matric students get affordable and awesome shoes whilst they go into their first year of university or their first year working.


Lastly, the experience, and lessons. When the IIG says; “We are trying to build a safer future for the industry” … They mean it. We are subjected to personality tests and taught how to effectively communicate our methods, instructions, and feelings in a professional environment, all the while considering other employees and how they might be feeling themselves. This might seem like a small lesson, but it has already helped me immensely in effectively communicating with my colleagues at IUM.


If you walked into the IIG Class of Programme as an aspiring leader. You will walk out an industry Top Dog, with connections, the ability to communicate effectively, the ability to manage and raise funds for a charity or product and most importantly, with the confidence to stick with your gut and make big decisions easily without wavering. 


Article written by: Evan Peters – Fleet and Transport Underwriter – IUM -#The Small Things

Class of – The IIGeez