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Class of 2021 – Module 2 Update (IQ vs EQ)

In the second session, the learners were busy with Module two which is focused on IQ vs EQ were held on the 20th of April for Ad Astra and the 22nd of April for Saiyans. The tribes were are required to do charity work which will require them to donate and fundraise money for their project, it was further agreed upon that the tribe will identify a school of their choice which they will adopt for the year and find out what they require assistance on.

Ad Astra identified Fons Luminis Secondary School which is situated in Diepkloof Phase 3, they had further had a meeting with the principal, on the 5th of May and they learned that the school needs assistance with Library, computer science centre, uniforms, masks, sanitary pads, and medals badges and trophies to promote high-performance and competitive culture within the school.

Saiyans identified Maphutha Secondary School situated in Mayibuye Tembisa, they had their meeting with the school principal on the 03rd of May and learned that the school requires new classroom furniture, learning material, Office furniture, and financial assistance to build extra classes.

The fundraising methods will be in line with the IIG’s events calendar in search of financial contributions for a charitable cause by investing in the youth of tomorrow to have a better future not only for the youth but the country. 

This module is a developmental key for personal and professional growth for the learners, it provides an insight on emotional intelligence awareness in the learner’s day to day life. It forms the juncture at which cognition and emotions meet, the module expands the learner’s intellectual and emotional awareness. Further aims at developing and improving their skills such as self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, social skills, reasoning, and stress management. 


The modules focused on the following topics:

  • Dealing with change
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Assertiveness 
  • Conflict Management 

The tribe members were requested to provide feedback regarding their experience and how the programme has impacted their lives thus far and we have some feedback from some of the tribe members below:


Ad Astra: “to the stars”

The Gary Phukuntsi

My experience has been quite challenging and building. I’m normally a shy person and a bit of an introvert, but I was put in a spot whereby I had to tap out of my comfort zone. The life skills I have learned so far are already being applied to my personal life and my professional life. I also gained a lot of experience concerning teamwork and I’m still learning.

Personal branding was one aspect that caught my eye and changed my perspective about the work environment and an individual’s personality. It’s also a Very great opportunity where I realised that if everyone is given an equal opportunity and resources and guidance it’s easy for them to move forward. My team is more of a machine that runs on nuclear fuel. Even when others are not around or available the work gets done. Responsibility and accountability drive things forward.

Considering the pandemic I think we have done pretty well so far. The most important I have harvested from the program is that in all communication it must be understood that the motive is to build, sustain, and be understood regardless of emotions expressed.


Ouma Dipela

My experience has been very interesting in that I have learned about Personal branding and how important it is and also learned about different types of leadership styles, the class has made me do a lot of self-introspect in that I am a passive person and have to learn how to be assertive in all my relationships. I am enjoying the class very much, some of my classmates, I know them from interacting with them through work but have never met them in person before. I am sure by the time the programme ends I would have change into a better person.


Katlego Tsele

My experience with the programme has been eye-opening and feeding emotionally, very impactful, from my class I can go and inform others of what I have learnt and it’s a great environment for self-awareness and introspection. They let our voice out and give great inputs and we get to advance our knowledge. In a nutshell, I can’t wait for my next class.



Saiyans: “Warriors of change”

Jessica Tandiswa Baliwe

The programme has changed my life since I joined in a professional capacity, I have now a better alignment of tasks as well as dealings in the work environment I am in. It has groomed me into being constantly aware of my actions and how they impact the business I am in and the industry I work in.

I have and still am continuing to take in ‘feedback’ as and when I tackle tasks as continuous development is also key. The IIG insights also help a lot in the way other companies and organizations handle business as well as cover’s out in the market. I am gaining a lot of knowledge as well from my IIG peers in the tribe, it’s fulfilling to see how others view the market and how things are done. The school programme also excites me as it’s allowing us to share our knowledge of this industry with young people.


This article was written by Lindokuhle Nicky Nkomo


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