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Embarking On a Journey of Development!


Embarking on a journey of personal and professional growth can often be daunting due to the fear of failure and the unknown, which often results in development procrastination or self-sabotage.



Towards the end of last year, as I was making my new year’s resolutions for the year 2024, I gave myself two ultimatums. The first being, to continue allowing fear and uncertainty to keep me captive, causing in a lifetime of regrets and missed opportunities or option two, to start taking the brave steps towards growth in order to unleash my limitless potential. I decided to choose bravery by applying for the 2024 IIG Roots & Wings Program, because as Nelson Mandela once said “Courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to triumph over it”.


When I received acceptance into the program, I remembered a quote from author Paulo Coelho, saying “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it”, however it all starts you taking that first step. During the program, I was fortunate to be paired with an incredible mentor by the name of Deidre Henneberry. When we met, I saw a reflection of my future self, her years of experience, and expertise aligned closely with my goals and aspirations.


Although it has been three months, the mentorship program has been quite a transformative journey for me. The first few months consisted of tasks from my mentor, that required me to identify the root cause of my insecurities. Was it easy and comfortable? not at all, but necessary, otherwise, I would risk falling back into old habits.


During the these first few months I have found my growth and confidence progressing too, from small wins like successfully co-hosting a webinar with over 400 attendees to participating in our office stand up poetry day which would have sounded like an absolute nightmare this time last year.


As I reflect on my journey on the program thus far, I am filled with gratitude for the inspiration, guidance and unwavering support from my mentor and the program coordinators. I am excited to continue forging ahead on my path to success, knowing that everything I continue to learn on the journey will guide me for the rest of my life. I am proud to announce that I have officially changed my home address, I no longer live in the house of fear and doubt, the rent to my landlord called regret was too high.


My new home is located over the corner of Faith, Belief and Courage!


Mentor Deidre’s feedback: On this journey Sinethemba, I’ve witnessed your remarkable transformation, through your commitment to personal development, you’ve cultivated a newfound confidence that radiates in every aspect of your life. As we continue to walk together on this journey, embrace each opportunity for learning and keep pushing beyond your perceived limitations.

Together, we will continue to build upon your strengths and forge a path towards becoming a mentor yourself, empowering others to embark on their own transformative journeys.


Article Written By Sinethemba Ndlovu