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“Hello New Me”…. Roots and Wings Discovery Journey!

Can’t believe we’re way past the first quarter of the year however, no-one is complaining because it has been fulfilling thus far. The benefit of a mentorship journey transcends the imagination of how people view themselves prior to their first interaction with their mentor. Often, people think their dreams are far-fetched or invalid until they meet that one special person who helps them believe in themselves and encourage them to fetch their dreams.

We’ve been hearing floating commentary from some of the members of this year’s cohort about how they can hardly recognize their old self since commencement of this journey; and as tempting as it is to pen their views down, we’d love to agree that the best version of any told story always comes from the horse’s mouth. Two of our mentees were brave enough to lay everything out for all to hear.


In Sinethemba Ndlovu’s own words….

“As I reflect on my journey on the program thus far, I am filled with gratitude for the inspiration, guidance and unwavering support from my mentor and the program coordinators. I am excited to continue forging ahead on my path to success, knowing that everything I continue to learn on the journey will guide me for the rest of my life. I am proud to announce that I have officially changed my home address, I no longer live in the house of fear and doubt, the rent to my landlord called regret was too high.  My new home is located over the corner of Faith, Belief and Courage.”



In Ayanda Ndlovu’s own words….

“Then when I found out who I am paired with. This was the most amazing and perfect match ever made.  In our first session we spoke about our backgrounds and what we want to achieve. I realized I am going to learn a lot from her, she is a mother, student, employee, the former GWII president and now part of the IIG council. I have a strong sense that from her I will learn how to manage time, how to show up and be seen and how to be influential yet remain humble. I told her I need to pass my final exam to graduate, and I needed guidance on how to manage my time, how to sell myself in an interview, how to be effective and impactful.  With the activities that she has assigned to me, I have managed to get a new job and move from my comfort zone, I cannot wait to share more as the journey continues”.



The Roots and Wings programme will eternally be grateful to our long-standing great partners; Insurance Institute of Gauteng (IIG), Discovery Limited, Sasria SOC Limited, Chubb, Emerald Risk Transfer (Pty) Ltd and Howden Broking (Insurance).

Article Written by Tash Moodley