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Excellence Matters

Considering that you are one of a kind, unique in appearance, unique with life lessons, skills, knowledge and experience. The fact that you are an original ®, with a unique set of values, a unique set of fingerprints and a unique personality that cannot be copied, borrowed or manufactured elsewhere.

Wouldn’t you agree that there is a reason for this. The fact that you cannot be copied, already sets you apart and echoes, no it screams out the words “You are destined for greatness. Once you have realised this, you are well on your way in becoming the Best Version of Yourself”.

Now before we go into the detail, here are a few sayings on excellence and why it matters.

“When we strive for excellence, we feel satisfied with a job well done. We learn from our mistakes and don’t let them define us. We enjoy the process, not just the outcome of our endeavors. And we remain flexible and can adjust our standards and goals as needed.” ~Psychcentral.com

“In a culture of excellence, employees develop the flexibility and resilience to deal with change, challenge and uncertainty. Even when there are obstacles and challenges that may seem impossible to overcome, the motivation to achieve the organisation’s vision is higher than the urge to avoid the discomfort.” ~Dynamicachievement.com

What is Excellence?

“Excellence is:
– The quality of excelling.
– Possessing good qualities in high degree, an outstanding feature.
– A thing in which something or someone excels.
– Achieving a high level of performance.
– Exemplary performance.
– Exceeding normal expectations of performance.
– Meeting the highest expectations of what can be achieved.
– Performing well in excess of the norm; outperforming most.”~ Source: TICU

noun: the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.”awards for excellence”

Similar: distinction, quality, high quality, superiority, brilliance, greatness, merit, calibre, eminence, pre-eminence, supremacy, peerlessness, transcendence, value,worth,skill, talent, genius, virtuosity, accomplishment, expertness, mastery, prowess, ability, supereminence

What is the Opposite of Excellence?
Inferiority, mediocrity.

What would you choose?
Excellence or the Opposite of Excellence?

“Did you know!!
That an excellent mind does not destroy but puts things right.”

There was a time early in my career around 2004-2005 where I went through a season and ate from the tree of comparison. I used to compete with my peers, friends and colleagues.

Yes, I wanted to be the best in everything and in every area. Always in competition or wanting to be better than others at one point I became arrogant and needed a quick check in on behaviour and morals and humility had to prevail. I had to put things right.

Late in 2005 I came to the realisation that being in competition or wanting to be better than others may not necessarily be the best approach. I then pondered on the word excellence knowing full well the theme of the department and company at the time was to be the “best in everything we choose to do”. I then started competing against myself, stretching myself to become a better version of who I was the day before.

January of 2006, I embarked on the journey to pursue Excellence and to this day I have had no regrets of the pursuit as it resulted in good returns, to mention several job advancements and opportunities to make a positive difference within various companies I worked for. Recognition from various leaders, peers , colleagues and employees I have served for the past 19 years is truly priceless, invaluable and incomparable.

Brian Harbour in Rising Above the Crowd illustrates the comparison between excellence and success so beautiful and I could not have done a better job:

“- Success means being the best.
-Excellence means being your best.

– Success to many, means being better than everyone else.
– Excellence means being better tomorrow than you were yesterday.

– Success means exceeding the achievements of other people.
– Excellence means matching your practice with your potential.”

Not to labour on the point excellence versus success, here are some practical ways I came across on a course that I have been on several years ago with TICU-

Bringing excellence into your Life:
1. Discover your purpose.
2. Always give more than is the expected of you.
3. Have a passion for whatever you do for a living.
4. Believe that what you do matters, and that it will make a difference.
5. Challenge yourself to excel all the time – build your confidence and competence.
6. Expect the best of everyone around you.
7. Always follow through and follow up.
8. Focus on one thing at a time.
9. Take extreme self-care.
10. Learn from every experience, and learn from others.
11. Use all available tools.
12. Set your goals.
13. Develop the right mindset.
14. Get Mentor
15. Surround yourself with positive people.
16. Release your limits.

Yes #IamCrisp and this is me learning about pursuing excellence and becoming excellent in Leadership.

Is it easy? No

Is it comfortable? No

Is it worth it? Yes

Will it create opportunities? Definitely

Will it set you apart? Of course

Try excellence it works…

“We need to internalise this idea of excellence. Not many folks spend a lot of time trying to be excellent.” ~Barack Obama

#QwnYourUnique and become excellent!

Article written by: Jonathan Crisp