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Final Presentaton Preparaton by Yolanda Dulaze

This is a critical aspect of presentation skills especially now that it is almost time for our programme to
come to an end.
Jenna has encouraged us to start our preparations early and she has emphasized the importance of
understanding our audience, the key message they want to convey in terms of what we have learned our
experience as well as how to incorporate it into our presentation in order to get the desired outcome of
the great last finale.
She suggested a structured approach to preparation, including outlining the presentation, one of the top tips provided to us was to keep the slide to a maximum of 10, this keeps the viewer engaged and present. Other tips shared were to keep it simple, limit bullet points and text, limit transition builds and animation, as well as using high-quality graphics.
Feedback on presenting
We each got a chance to provide each other with constructive feedback on the two-minute presentations we did. We were able to focus on specific elements like content clarity, organization, engagement with the audience, and overall delivery in pairs of two. This has enabled us to make sure we understand the importance of non-verbal communication, such as body language, eye contact, and tone of voice.
Impromptu Presenting
Impromptu presenting we did has encouraged us to practice thinking on our feet and delivering clear and concise messages without prior preparation as we were given topics on the spot.

Article written by Yolanda Dulaze