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IIGeez by Simon Hlongwang

When one thinks of the last IIG class we had, one cannot simply help but smile. We joined the class as 30-plus hopefuls eager to learn, eager to expand our knowledge, and to network with our peers. This last class will forever have a mark in my heart because on that day I truly received the sense that IIG had done more than achieve its mandate, it totally transformed us.

I, for one, have had little exposure to presentation styles and everything I know, I have acquired through experience. However, during that last class, I can say that I grew into myself, I found my voice and my confidence. This programme is truly transformational as delegates change from the start to the final presentation, it is inevitable.

The last class allowed me to confront some of my anxieties, while simultaneously teaching me that these anxieties may contribute to my speech delivery or presentation being imperfect, however, these imperfections are exactly what make me unique.

I really enjoyed and learned from watching my peers deliver their speeches, witnessing their creativity, and being let into some of their vulnerabilities.

I am moved by the level of commitment that my group has shown and if I may so myself, I am honored to be part of the group that surely raised the bar at IIG.

Article written by   Simon Hlongwang ( The IIGeez)