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Forging Ahead: A Transformative Journey in Insurance

My path, from starting as a Claims Clerk to making it to the Top 10 in season 9 of the Insurance Apprentice, participating in the Class of programme offered by the IIG and later becoming a Co-Opt member in 2024, has all been in the pursuit of excellence whilst growing both on a personal and professional level.


With 14 years of experience in insurance, including 7 years leading teams and a number of qualifications, I’ve learned a lot about how insurance works and how we can make it work even better.


When I first started, I was just learning the basics of insurance – understanding risks, creating policies, and helping clients out. It was like learning the ABCs of insurance. But as I gained more experience, I saw ways we could improve insurance. I started speaking up about new ideas and having conversations about how we could make insurance easier and fairer for everyone. These types of conversations led me to become a committee member of The Claims Forum. The Claims Forum aims to elevate the standard of claims service across the industry and enhance the overall customer experience which also fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement in the short-term insurance environment.


Being chosen as a Co-Opt member in 2024 was a big deal. It meant I was seen as someone who could help bring about change regarding the future of insurance, whilst working alongside other passionate and hardworking colleagues in the industry.


My main goal has always been to help people and businesses feel safer and more secure. Insurance is a big part of that, and I’m committed to making sure it works for everyone, no matter who they are or what they need.


Looking ahead, I’m excited to keep finding new ways to improve insurance. With all the experience and knowledge, I’ve gained, I’m ready to lead the way toward a better, fairer future for insurance.

But my journey isn’t just about me – it’s about inspiring others, especially young people, to join the insurance industry. Why? Because the insurance industry isn’t just about paperwork and policies; it’s about making a real difference in people’s lives. For this reason, my mission is to give back and my initial move towards realizing this objective was to volunteer, leading me to become a mentor on the Roots and Wings programme.


In insurance, you have the opportunity to protect people’s homes, their businesses and their futures. You have the chance to be there for them when they need it most, providing support and peace of mind in times of uncertainty. And with technology advancing rapidly, there’s never been a more exciting time to join the insurance industry. From digital tools that make insurance more accessible to innovative solutions that address emerging risks, there’s a world of opportunity waiting for young professionals in insurance.


So, to all the young people out there, I encourage you to consider an insurance career. It’s not just a job – it’s a chance to make a difference, to drive positive change and to shape the future of an industry that touches the lives of millions. Together, we can build a brighter, safer tomorrow for all.


Article Written by Deidre Henneberry