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Mentorship Gives you Wings!

“You become the average of the five people you spend the most time with” – Jim Rohn.


When I first heard the wise words from Jim Rohn, I paused to think about who I spent most of my time with.  Who in my circle is taking up most of that time?  And did I get to choose these individuals? Whether your interaction with people is negative or positive, these interactions have an effect on you.  If you are not happy with the type of person you have become, take a moment to look at who is hanging about in your circle of time.    


What if we could select the individuals who came into this circle?  What if we could surround ourselves with people who not only want us to succeed but know how to do it. We should choose people who will move us forward in life.  This may be the most impactful thing you can ever do for yourself. This is not a call to start removing individuals from your contact list, but rather an opportunity to intentionally incorporate influential people into your daily routine who will positively shape your future self.


Recently, the Insurance Institute of Gauteng successfully launched the much awaited and highly anticipated Roots and Wings initiative. This momentous occasion marked the start of a remarkable journey for a total of seventy individuals, with thirty-five aspiring mentees and thirty-five accomplished mentors, who are all set to elevate their skills and knowledge to the next level.



The first sessions have already taken place.  Books are being suggested, tasks have been set and war stories have been told. 



The program is being run by the amazing duo of Jenna Coetzee and Linda Coetzee from Linda Coetzee and Associates.  Jenna says that in her experience, “…mentorship is where a professional with their roots deep in experience is able to guide another professional, who is only just growing their wings. It is an opportunity to ask tough questions, to be uncomfortable, to understand when to step forward and when to step back. A mentor is a sounding board, a person who will listen without judgment and share without fear. Mentorship has the opportunity to change two people’s lives”.  



The mentors are taking their knowledge, wisdom, experience, and skills, and handing it over on a silver platter to future leaders of the insurance industry.  The mentees are coming to the table with commitment, enthusiasm, a willingness to learn and do all the required work in order to impress their mentors.  The respect that these mentors and mentees have for each other is only matched by the impact that this relationship will have on the insurance industry in the near future.  Lifelong friendships will form, waves will be made, but more importantly everyone’s average is about to be levelled up!


 Article Written by Tash Moodley