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IIG Class of 2020 Kick-Off Fundraising Initiatives

Class Of 2020 has been more than challenged and kept busy during lockdown. To steer things ahead and keep momentum Team Phakama and Team Bokamoso have been assigned to come up with innovative and fun ways to stay relevant and raise funds for one of IIG’s biggest programs, the Academic Program managed through GIFS. This is the 2nd year of this amazing program and Class of 2020 have taken a personal stance to drive the success stories of this program into the future with the ability to impact more lives each year. We share the stories of our group leaders, who even through these trying circumstances, have kept these teams united and engaged. We ask the industry to please follow their progress and work together with us as we strive to build a new and better tomorrow.

 Here’s what our team leaders had to say:

Faren Hayes

 Five weeks ago, none of us would have predicted that we would be restricted from leaving our homes. Our work and our social lives effected; our communication will be changed to virtual communication channels. The Coronavirus pandemic has demanded a new way of existing that we must adjust and adapt to.

This year team Phakama will be raising funds for the continuation of the IIG Academic program, in partnership with GIFS. We have been working day and night, preparing presentations to submit to the board on our plans to raise funds. This is a program that touches so much of us personally.

This program focuses on individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds to acquire the skills necessary for employment in the insurance industry. Be on the lookout for our video that will be distributed on the IIG website and all social media platforms to pledge towards the success of these individuals.

We will be running online fundraises throughout the year. Kindly follow us “Phakama” on all social media platforms as we have more in store for you.


Ntombi Sibisi

We work in an industry where face to face contact and human interaction is important. With this critical part being taken away we knew we had to think outside of the box.  We had to adjust to our new normal and make use of technology and still be able to connect on a personal level.  This has been both challenging and exciting and we cannot wait to show you what Bokamoso has come up with.







Masego Pule

Over the past few weeks, I have received first-hand experience on the characteristics of leadership and teamwork in practice. This has been interesting given the current worldwide challenges. The Phakama mission is not only to raise funds but to raise awareness of the IIG Academic program. Whilst in quarantine, the team has successfully come up and run with innovative ideas. Each team member has the end goal in mind, making it easier for all of us to work efficiently. We have presented our roll-out plan and should be able to start raising funds soon.





Mpho Mofokeng

As the popular saying goes; “what a time to be alive”.

My tribe and I, the Bokamoso tribe, began our Class Of 2020 experience in an interesting time of life. We had just been allocated into our tribe, when suddenly the country lockdown was announced. At that moment I came to understand the power of physical presence and interaction. The “power of human touch” was taken away from us. We had to adapt. The dynamics have been interesting, some individuals took to it easier and faster than others. However, over time we are establishing our team dynamic.

 When the team began brainstorming ideas to raise funds, we battled with the reality of the state of lock down being possibly indefinite. Due to this we had to come up with ideas that would be practical and viable regardless of whether we would be back to normality. The team came up with various ideas, some members embraced the virtual world. Other members conformed to good old contact sport. We soon realised that we had to be realistic and innovative. This proved to be a challenge as we had to align our mind to become one collective, a some-what tricky exercise for “a group of academics” who all held conviction in their ideas. In time, the rapport strengthened, and we comprehended that we were one and united we needed to stand. This was displayed when we came up with our team name “Bokamoso”. The objected became apparent to us, we were the future so long as we learnt to rely on each other in order to deliver what was required of us.


Keep an eye out for updates on the fundraising initiatives of the Phakama and Bokamoso teams.