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ILDP – Perserverance During Times of Uncertainty

2020 will be a year to remember.

On the 01st May 2020, while we celebrate national Workers Day, we will also celebrate the end of our 36-day level 5 Lock Down.

During the past 36 days we have learned and witnessed much.

We have witnessed extraordinary acts of humanity, selflessness and sharing, learned that money earned means little when there are no shops open. We’ve had the privilege of spending days and weeks with our children and parents, learning with our children as we embrace the roll of teachers, chef, corporate employees and most of all peace-makers (for anyone who knows what it takes to keep the peace during a sibling fight?).

During these unprecedented firsts, we celebrate another first – our first ILDP class that will be embarking on a virtual learning experience – the first ILDP learning programme to be completed via class and electronic |video learning methods.

The IIG ILDP is aimed at building leadership and management bench strength of middle and senior managers within the Insurance industry. Study Block 2 will be delivered by the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) and will focus on the theme: From Strategy to Execution.

The block will cover content and test the students on the following key areas:

  • The World We Live and Work In
  • Innovation
  • Business Planning & Project Management
  • Leadership and Leading Change

These modules are exceptionally fitting considering our current environment, and the need to innovate, and diversify in order to lead change in the insurance industry. Our students will become effective change leaders influencing their individual organisations to embrace technology, and the benefits thereof to the user and client experiences, ultimately improving the Insurance Industry.

This move to digital delivery will test the student’s endurance, their ability to pivot their tasks to be completed in an agile manner, allowing them to navigate the various deliverables, and continue to engage in the multiple syndicate, peer, and faculty discussions that will be required to successfully complete Study Block 2.

Join me, as we wish our 2020 Insurance Leadership Development Programme students well in their upcoming Study Block 2.

During this journey, we would like to recognise the efforts of our programme sponsor, Sasria SOC, for their continued support to ensure that we are enabled to deliver world class learning delivered by the Gordon Institute of Business Science.

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Wishing you good health #FlattenTheCurve#Co-Vid19Free #YourIIG #InsuringTomorrow #IIGILDP2020

By Keshrie Pillay, IIG Co-Opted Councillor – Education

28 April 2020