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IIG Insights TransUnion: The Phygital Dealer and Mobility as a Service

IIG’s deputy president, Thabo Twalo, introduced the last Insights session for 2021. Reddy has been instrumental in bringing innovative B2B platforms to market to drive consumer credit education, awareness and empower consumers to take control of their credit health and digital identities. With the introduction of POPIA and the growing trend of breaches and identity theft in SA, Reddy also launched TU Africa’s data breach remediation solution which significantly lowers the risk for a corporate under POPIA.

Kriben is a digital transformation expert and throughout his career, he has been at the forefront of introducing disruptive technologies into the auto industry.  These technologies and platforms have helped shape the way the industry operates today and have influenced and enhanced consumer experience with industry growth.

He introduced the auto industry’s first mobile application (1Check) which has become the de facto offering for auto dealers, winning multiple industry awards. Reddy has created value across the vehicle market by driving innovation, efficiencies and profitability.


Kriben pointed out that the dealer network was mainly affected by the lockdown which had a ripple effect across the entire ecosystem, OEM, manufacturer, financial institutes, insurance etc. TU has been tracking data points relating to vehicle pricing index, depreciation and sales over the past few years and have noted that in 2017/2008 there was a rapid increase on new vehicle pricing which caused a change in consumer behaviour buying used vehicles instead. Supply and demand play a big role. In 2018/2019 the average depreciating value is 15% on 1-2-year-old vehicles. Consumers are holding onto their vehicles for longer. Most consumers are feeling the financial burden of reduced economic activity and increased social distancing. 1 in 5 consumers doesn’t know how they will be paying their bills.

The highest percentage of Toyota 2021 financed agreements were Toyota and VW drivers. This is a sample of 5000, 2021 consumers, tracked for the last six years. The pandemic has seen shifts in profiles of Polo Vivo drivers for new and used.


The future of the industry is dominated by four megatrends disrupting the traditional manufacturing business:

  1. Connectivity
  2. Autonomous Driving
  3. Shared Mobility
  4. Electrification

Kriben also discussed the modelling future of auto insurance premiums as well as predictions of premiums and insurers by 2030 and the implications of insurance from MAAS.

The session was closed with a Q&A.