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“I’m fighting” – since Hennie’s become my mentor

“I’m fighting” – since Hennie’s become my mentor this is now my favorite statement (he’s never uttered it, at least not to my knowledge, but it is something he has inspired me to do). I have grown up being taught to Fight the Good Fight of Faith and my mentor has, in many ways, shown me how I have been lagging in my execution of such learnings. When he speaks, he is never abrasive, never aggressive, he is always logical, he is always analyzing and ultimately helping me see where the blind spot may be. I have realized that I am not in any deficit, I just needed help seeing what’s in my arsenal.


I’m fighting! The limiting mind-set that’s been holding me back – I’m fighting, the comfort zone I had nestled into. I realise that my life does not have to be at an enhanced level difficulty.  There will be challenges (as is expected), nevertheless building a foundational mind-set that allows me to push resolves a lot of things. These are things Hennie has been teaching me in sessions past both in words and through his actions – learning from him has enabled me to gain confidence.


This past meet-up he sat across from me and at a point in our conversation mentioned the next tasks I’d be aiming to do. He said, “Ask yourself if the task at hand is good, whether it would achieve a purpose for the greater good.” This was in response to a statement I had made about how I avoid certain tasks that do not feel like are part of my job. There are in fact seemingly mundane tasks I could assist with that are for the greater good and not just at my place of work but even in my personal life. Tasks that could seem frustrating, yet upon completion, would make someone else’s life easier.


In doing “the task I really don’t want to do” I am building myself up – I will take a swing at this and say it is character development. If I were a character in a book, I do believe my mentor will see my points of strength and, most undoubtedly, my points of improvement. Never quick to draw to conclusions.  Rather he asks questions that when I answer, I see I am not hopeless at all. There are not enough words of gratitude that I could utter for receiving his guidance.


Proverbs 15:22 CEV Without good advice everything goes wrong— it takes careful planning for things to go right.


Sometimes you just need help, and I am grateful that I am receiving this from my mentor, it’s made me realise how much more I can do, not just for myself but for others too.


Article written by Ruvimbo Chikuri | IIG Roots and Wings