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Introducing Linda Coetzee and Associates

Four years ago, IIG joined forces with Linda Coetzee and Associates (LCA). This partnership has blossomed into something very special. Linda and Jenna, from LCA, manage the Roots and Wings mentorship programme and the annual Class of’ programme for IIG. From beginning to end, they are involved, and both programmes have grown exponentially over the years.

The Class of’ programme showcases the young talent in the insurance industry. Applications from hopeful candidates are screened, likely candidates are interviewed and then the journey begins.   At the official launch, the successful candidates are randomly divided into two classes. Yes, we now have two classes every year as the response has been overwhelming!

Each class brands itself with a tribe name – this year we have Phakama and Bokamoso – and they refer to themselves from then on as a tribe. The tribal pride that emerges from this is most inspiring! These tribe mates form close bonds and support each other in so many unexpected ways.

Separately, the tribes attend four education days that cover personality profiles, EQ, assertiveness,  conflict management, communication, etiquette, presentation skills, change management and stress management. Together, they brainstorm fundraising activities and compete against each other to raise money for charities. This year with lockdown, both tribes have been very  innovative.

Our highlights over the years include the brilliant soccer five-a-side tournament to raise funds, the wellness day  on the coldest day of the year, building of homes in disadvantaged communities and the beautiful graduations at the end of every year. But the best day of every year is the day these wonderful young people deliver a presentation to their tribe mates, Linda, Jenna and  the IIG council on their experience in the Class of’. Polished, articulate and confident, they showcase the incredible growth that has taken place for them in the space of 10 or 11 months. Linda and Jenna are judges at this presentation day, along with three IIG council members, and the obvious pride they feel is manifested in tears, hugs and loud cheers.

Behind the scenes, Linda and Jenna also provide private coaching to any tribe member who needs additional support. And they have access to a grief and trauma counsellor if needed. Tragically, in 2018 and 2019, two tribes lost a member to an untimely death and the entire tribe was offered grief counselling. There is nothing they won’t do to keep these tribes safe and strong!

The best part of managing these programmes is finding the candidates from Class of’ one year in the Roots and Wings mentorship programme the next year, and vice versa. The networking that takes place is invaluable and the candidates get so much exposure to the industry and to mentors, coaches and specialists. The IIG/LCA formula is pure magic!

LCA is committed in every way to the IIG programmes. Linda and Jenna bring something new to the programmes every year and even sponsored a soccer team made up of the some of the candidates in last year’s soccer tournament. They are fully invested in the growth and development of these wonderful young people in the industry and very grateful to have formed close bonds with more experienced executives who offer to be mentors in a heartbeat.